Friday Night Takeaway & Mystery Shopping

Inspired by Frugal Queen I thought I would mention our Friday night takeaway. On the way home from visiting friends we popped into Tesco Express, not my favourite shop but sometimes they have some deals. We bout the two packs of lamb mince for five pounds ( I know its a lot but it was very good quality). At home, Fahed spiced the meat and made it into a kofta, basically a meaty pancake shape pressed into the pan, cover and cook for 10 minutes. We had this stuffed into warm pitta with olives and chillies on the side. It fed three of us. The other two are out and there is enough for them when they get home. £1 per person. Not bad for a Friday night takeaway and enough of meat fix to last us for days!

I have booked into a mystery shopping session this week. My husband loves these as he gets to feel like Secret Squirrel,plus they pay us, so its all good. I have also been offered £50 for an hours conversation about my opinions. Great. I enjoy giving my opinions and am happy when someone listens, even better that they pay too. Lastly there is a Mystery Dine available in the same town as the hour long talking session. I will try to organise myself on Monday so that we can fit everything in. I don't usually do much Mystery work but I guess it could be worth it to make the effort. Not so keen on how much more complicated it makes my taxes though.


  1. I wouldn't like mystery shopping because I don't like following rules while shopping or writing reports. My sister does a lot of mystery shopping for the stores in Disneyland. That might be interesting but I'm too far away for that.

  2. I quite like the mystery dining. My son often comes with me and he does the timing etc. I like the idea of free food & if you eat out for free then you dont miss not going out to eat at other times.


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