Smartening up

Inspired by Frugal Queen I almost went serious clothes shopping. But (unlike Frugal Queen, who seems eminently sensible and organised) I realised I didn't actually have to shop or at least I didn't know if I needed to or not as I don't actually know what is in my wardrobe.

Its not that my wardrobe is untidy, posh dresses on the left, then jackets, then tops, then skirts, then trousers on the far right. I always hang things in the right place but I also always pick out the same few items. I think an hour of re-acquainting myself with the some of my own possession could save me some pounds here and might also stop me going to work looking like I got dressed in the dark (which I may have done but who needs to know that).

I also have a chest of drawers which has a knicker drawer, a bra drawer, a sock drawer and a misc drawer (tights etc.)but under those are four large drawers which used to be casual weekend type clothes, work t-shirts, rough clothes for gardening and decorating, but have somehow got all muddled up. This is partly because I have more clothes than my chest of drawers thinks is good for me but also because our work dress code was recently relaxed and now you can wear 'normal' clothes to work.

So tomorrow I am going for my most frugal clothes shopping session yet, cheaper than Matalan, cheaper than car boot sale, cheaper than charity shop, I am shopping in my bedroom tomorrow at 9am. Wish me luck.


  1. It's amazing what we already have when we have a good sort out, thanks for the mention xx froogs

  2. I know what you mean. I should take notes in the morning when I try to get dressed and think 'if only I had a longer shirt' or 'if only I had a tank top that wasn't see-thru'. Then I could buy just those things and have many more outfits using the things I have.

  3. It really is, FQ, unbelievable. And I suspect the whole house is like it not just my wardrobe. We are getting better though.

    Daizy, go on then, take 20 seconds when you get dressed and before the dogs invade your morning to see what extras would make it all go a lot further. I will if you do!



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