Weekend Plans

Since I am not wasteful and indulgent any more weekends have to be a bit more structured. I have to include preparation for the coming week to ensure no waste.

On my list;
On Sunday night I am going to have a bit of a look at the contents of my wardrobe and see if a couple of new items would give me more choice of outfits. I do tend to stay in the same colour palate so I am hoping so. I have been inspired by Froogs to smarten myself up. I am a senior manager but its not always possible to tell from my appearance. I might even start wearing make up.

Tidy my bedroom. Makes me sound like a 15 year old avoid exam revision but really I just have a big basket of stuff that need a temporary home elsewhere. When I come across something which isn't needed around here but would be good at the Crete house it goes into the basket ready to go in next times luggage. I am sure I have an under bed basket it can go in so hoping to get that packed away.

Food prep. Check out the cupboards and freezer. Talk through a menu plan with the old fella. Buy what is needed for the coming week (minimal). Make vegetable soup for next weeks lunches. Box up a huge tin of grapefruit for next weeks breakfasts. We are also intending to settle down on Sunday afternoon to make some lamb sausages for the freezer and some houmous.

A home trim of the hair.

Another coat of paint for the new larder. I can't wait to start using my new larder and having a real kitchen sort out but I still need Fahed to grout the floor tiles and cut some tiles to make a skirting board.

On top of this the usual laundry, cleaning etc. Visiting my parents. find my bloody car keys (lost on Thursday night).

Oh and find my knitting and re-start. I am not an accomplished knitter although I did okay with little jumpers when the kids were babies and toddlers. I find it very painful but I think it probably does my hands good to persevere even though it is painful.

That's my weekend. Lovely.