Saturday, 15 January 2011

Weekend Plans and treats

Reading about Froogs Friday night has inspired me today. I shan't be having the wine, although there is a box of white and a box of rose on top of the fridge, I hardly ever have a glass. Home made Chinese is to be today's treat. I have a large quantity of cooked ham 'bits' which have been frozen. This was a reduced package from the co-op some months back and not sure how long it will keep in the freezer so time to use it. I have added it to a vat of water along with three chopped onions, two chopped celery sticks,3 chicken stock cubes, a packet of condemned mushrooms. Frozen peas would be good too. This is surprisingly yummy for something so simple. Thickened up and served with rice (new rice cooker has been used every day this week - even I am beginning to crave a potato). Any left over will morph into soup for my lunches next week. I am expecting it to last most of the week.

Other plans include sorting out goodies for charity. Someone at my work advertised for old bedding which they use for making patchwork quilts. It is something to do with the care and support arm of work so I am guessing they are used by some of our service users as some kind of physical therapy. They showed a photo of a quilt made with jeans and it was great. Wish I had one myself actually. Wouldn't a big jeans patchwork make a good rug?

Sort out new diary. No rushing this one as I need to be thorough and to use it well. A quiet hour this pm will start it on its way.

Tonight a couple of hours with family at my parent's house is always fun. Tomorrow an invite for birthday cake and coffee in the afternoon.

I guess the first step would be to get my lazy arse out of bed, now that i ahve done my blog reading for the day.


  1. How nice of you to mention me, thanks xxxx froogs xx

  2. I've seen a braided rug out of jeans. Never seen a patchwork quilt rug though.


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