Sunday, 27 July 2014


Oh yes, de-cluttering alright but not all to the charity shops & ebay, although plenty is. Tonight before bed I plan to fill a bin bag with clothing and bed linen for the Salvation Army. They have a little stall outside of their hall where they sell things. The remaining bedding will divide into quilt covers/sheets/pillow cases that we still use and those which I like but aren't really useful. They include a cot set which my children had. Still looks perfect and I am going to be a bug soppy mummy and hang onto that. There were two single quilt covers in a fresh blue check which are now languishing at my friends home waiting to be turned into thermal cooking bags, which is hard to contemplate whilst the temperature is hovering around 30c. I have plans for a single Wallace and Gromit quilt cover, 2 Ikea fleece blankets and a single purple sheet. Last summer i made a summer quilt from an old king sized quilt lined with Ikea fleece blankets and over sewn. This years will be similar. I am making a Wallace and Gromit picnic blanket. Same principle but with a nice wide purple edging.
There is also some dark orangey red bedding which goes with Jamals room. He is re=painting to aubergine in the spring but the bedding is all good and is 100% cotton so I will dye it to match. No waste around here, oh no!

Monday, 21 July 2014


for some mad reason we decided it was a good time to get a kitten, which somehow turned into three kittens. The are cute and gorgeous but it is 30 degrees and we cant open the windows (not had all of their jabs yet plus they are not yet neutered)so it is hot and nasty in here. And there are litter trays, which is also nasty. And then there are the times when something else gets mistaken for the litter tray. Looking on the bright side, kittens are very cute but only stay completely bonkers for about 6 months, maybe a year, so things should settle down. Once they are fully jabbed and neutered then we can open all the windows and doors (glorious). When they are in whizz around the house like a hurricane mode lots of things are getting broken, which is really helping my de-cluttering process.

This is Tiger Lily, who was known as Lorenzo until the vet suggested she might not be a guy. I haven't put a photo of the three of them cuddled up together as I don't want anyone overwhelmed by their adorable cuteness :). no bias here at all!

Back soon

Anyone still reading? I'll be back soon :)

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