Friday, 24 March 2017

Woohoo day off

Just had three days away at the annual conference in Liverpool. Liverpool was beautiful but always nice to come home. I didn't think it was as useful as normal. I maybe wont go next year but we see what the programme is. I did have two good workshops though, all about speaking and messages and breathing and relaxation. Very interesting. Maybe I change form being an accountant one day. Well i say change form being an accountant but when was the last time I did any accountancy. Years! managing the team takes all my time, so maybe form senior manager to speaker is less of a jump than it first sounded.

Lovely Becky, Ahdel's girlfriend, is doing so well with the Superheroes for Syria event. I really hope we get enough people attending for all of the effort she is making. She is full of ideas and enthusiasm and so could at actually keeping on and getting things done, and done well. I lvoe that her enthusiasm has also spwned a couple of other events. Some serious cooking coming my way in the next month!


Saturday, 18 March 2017

Saturday again already

How does this happen? So soon!

Off to the hospital this morning with my honey bunny.  His appointment was 11th May but when he explained the numbness was travelling down the second leg then they gave him a Saturday appointment with four days notice. I am hopeful this means something is happening as he is in so much pain he can barely move.

I went up to the Windsor office this week and they were concerned that they qwew missing our 'Super Heroes for Syria' event so have decided to organise something up there at their office too. I need to give them some Syrian recipes and they will do lunch, cake sale, raffle and i think they said quiz. I offered to bring the food up myself but they were keen to cook too. Aren't they lovely? I am such a big soft bun that I burst into tears! I am blaming my age

Tonight we are going to a bit 'Bollywood Extravaganza' event organised by a friend from work. All raising money for a children cancer charity so all for a good cause but also useful to pick up ideas from Jay. He has been messaging me for hours at a time so i think he is also nervous.

I love the excitement. bordering on fear, and the feel good factor that comes with organising these  events.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Reflecting some more

Yesterday we did some personality tests at work. Its supposed to be about predictive recruitment but I suspect from the feedback that it also being used in other ways. I don't have any problem with that as long they are honest.  My new boss mentioned that I was the absolute opposite of the other finance managers  I had assumed this anyway. However my team is by far the best (he he) and so maybe they should think about what makes a good manager v what makes a good accountant.

It did get me thinking though about whether I should be doing something else. But I enjoy it and I quite like being different to all the others. My team is amazing. It pays pretty well. Maybe I should just do something else as well rather than instead. In fact that might be just the thing. I get bored if I don't have a secondary something on the go. Mind you my secondary something is the fund raising for Syria at the moment. So yes I need to do something else but not instead, just as well.

Talking about Syria, and when are we not in our house at the moment, my sons lovely girlfriend is organising a cosplay event to help raise money for the fund. Which apparently means a fancy dress party. I volunteered to do the food. Superhero food! Captain America pizzas, incredible hulk yogurt and the whole nine yards. Should be fantastic. Anyone have any ideas then now is the time to let me know :)

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Reflecting on reflections

I am very much enjoying Moyra's daily reflections to the extent that I am thinking about doing the same myself.

In other news 'Gofundme' pulled the plug on my Syria collection which I found not especially surprising but which hit me a little hard. I spent some time looking at other funding type organisations and ran my project plan past the people at Chuffed. Seems to be okay as long as people pay by paypal as otherwise US sanctions, which are probably being wrongly interpreted, raise a warning flag. I cant believe they are designed to stop us helping people in need so am guessing its just mis-communicated.

Anyway we have some lovely ideas coming form people who care to help raise money, as well as some lovely individuals helping.

We have:
Superheroes for Syria cosplay event in April
Curry lunch at my work
Sponsored 100 mile bike ride by my boss
Sponsored 'anything you fancy' offer from another coworker
Feed the poker players at the next few monthly Friday poker games
Garden party ukulele jam when the weather improves
Possible cake sale also on the horizon

Everyone has been so lovely and so helpful. My faith in mankind very much restored. I very much know i hang around (sometimes virtually) with lovely lovely people

Back to later to reflect more on life, the universe and everything xx

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Syria Help

I am doing this thing at the moment, which I suspect might take over our lives for a while.

We are trying to raise some money for a project in Aleppo. We are going to be doing all kinds of things to help raise funds and I'll be updating the page with things. Please help if you can. Literally every penny helps. If you can think of things we can do then that's also good (Sponsored slim? Shave my head for the right price too!).
I want to collect enough money to help kick start a local business in Aleppo.
My brother in law used to run a recycling business in Aleppo before the Syrian conflict and up until the last couple of years. He employed local people and provided a useful service.
Now, in the war, everything is gone. But if he had enough money to buy an old truck and some start up capital to trade again then he could re-start his little business, start employing other people in the neighbourhood again, provide some jobs and money to others, provide a useful service as the country is rebuilt and, most importantly of all, help kick start the local economy.
If you can spare even £1 it would all help to make so much difference.
Ideas we have so far as a Cosplay event, a fete, a curry lunch, charity poker tournament, cake sale. I am also happy for anyone to use my house in Crete for a week and donate to the fund.
Thank you for reading

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