Wednesday, 19 August 2009

See you soon!

Off to Crete tomorrow with overstuffed suitcases tomorrow. See you agian soon.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Are we nearly there yet???

Last weekend before holiday. Two suitcases are packed (no clothes, curtains , tables, books....). One still to go. This has to take my youngest sons clothes (its a hot country so clothes are thin plus we have a washing machine so he doesn't need enough black jeans to last 3 weeks), clothes for my friends twins, some board games,more curtains. I have some china I want to take too but suitcase is no good for that so it will have to be in our various hand luggage's.

The weekend is all chores. The packing and then cleaning & putting away. I suspect it will look awful when we get back as my eldest son is staying home and then leaving home half way through the break. He attracts mess. It is chaotic untidiness actually. He is always clean but surrounded by guitars, amps, computer bits, discarded clothes, pages of lyrics and music ( i have finally got him writing these in a book no on individual pages, what a break through). So I am expecting the worst in the hope that it will be better than that!

Off to Ikea now for the final battle...

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

All change

My eldest son is leaving home (or so he says). Two friends of his are moving in together & he has been offered the spare room. The couple seem too young to me, but perhaps because I am older. My sister got married at 19 & I believe my grandma was only 17. I married at 28 and thought that a bit sooner than intended (that's what happens if you marry a foreigner, the Home Office decides when would be a good time to marry instead of your mum).

Anyway, I am wandering from the point. He is taking up an offer of the spare room. i suspect it is because he doesn't like to let them down because he doesn't seem even slightly excited. He is keeping his key and can come back anytime ( i left home and returned loads of times) however i am getting rid of some junk and having a change round. His room turns back into my office leaving extra space downstairs where we currently both have our desks. I am hoping he will come home for a decent meal once a week at least.

I could easily panic about potential empty nest syndrome at this point. My other son is two years younger so I don't think he goes for a while but its is time to accept that life is changing. I am focusing on the positive just in case I start to panic!

We were talking about skills audits at work today, as well as personal development. Perhaps I need to do the same at home.....

Thursday, 6 August 2009


Kadeeae has tagged me! and panicked me. I have to think about 7 amazing facts about me. I can just about come up with 7 facts but amazing I cant quite manage.


1) I once submitted a proposal for a cookery book of food from the Levant. My proposal was initially accepted but by the time I got back to them with the first draft the man who had accepted it had been dismissed (probably for accepting book proposals from aspiring but untalented writers.

2) I wrote to NASA when I was at school in an attempt to get a place on the space programme.

3) 50m backstroke world champion swimmer, Liam Tancock, is my distant cousin according to various in between cousins.

4) I went on holiday for two weeks in summer 1987, and didn't come back for two years.

5) I never lie about my age but often tell people the wrong age as I am now sufficiently old (47) that I don't know my age without doing the maths each time.

6) I love roller coasters.

7) I understand that fear is the flip side of excitement (for me)and so I am not frightened of fear (terrified of snakes though).

Can I tag a couple of my favourites too please

and Middle Way. Come on, dont be shy!!!

Monday, 3 August 2009

New Emphasis

I had a lovely weekend, full of laughter, the best kind of times. Now I want more!
I think I may have been obsessing about housework, cooking, budgets, budgets, budgets and fun has dropped down the list a bit.

The problem is a combination of things. I have been acting all grown up and domesticated. I like having the house nice but not to the exclusion of all else. Second reason is the price of fuel. It puts me off a trip to the seaside when I have to sell the kids on eBay to fill up the fuel tank. Lastly my husband works on both Saturday & Sunday. Saturday night is also when he does his voluntary work. Kind of breaks up the opportunity to go anywhere much.

So fun must be introduced but I must be cunning. Cant miss work and mustnt waste money or other resouirces. Hmmm, what can I come up with.....

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Social Weekend

Normally Saturday morning is the time for sorting out chores for the weekend. Well this weekend there are a few chores but its mainly a social weekend.

We are invited to dinner early evening today and must take puddings. I am planning an ice cream cake and trifle. I watched a single episode of Nigella Express on iplayer this week and those were the two puddings that she made. I am not really following the recipe, just pinhcing the idea.

Tomorrow we are going to a barbecue. We will take lamb kebabs, pork ribs, chili salsa & baba ganoush. Should be fun. Its with all my family so that's always good.

There are a few chores as well as the shopping and cooking.
Cut the grass (cant do it today,rain,rain,rain)
Vacuum right through (essential)
Laundry (again essential)

Nice to be planning some fun instead of just housework & DIY. Perhaps this is what it will be like when the house is finished. That would be nice.

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