Saturday, 20 April 2013

A home day list

A beautiful sunny day and a load of plans has come to nothing.. Fahed cooked us salmon with rice and tomato salsa last night and now we both feel awful, and so tired from being up all night.  I am going to make do with some housework and then look forward to not feeling sick tomorrow, and doing all of the fun stuff then. Bleugh!

And so:
Housework - clean and tidy sitting room and kitchen, tidy study, swish around upstairs bathroom.
Mending - quite a few items needing attention.
Laundry - started and will finish
Dishes - one load in and another mounting up
Cooking - nope - the salmon seems fine, we think the rice caused our problems. However we will surely know after today meal.

Front garden - over the course of the week a general tidy up and sort out. The back garden needs doing more but no-one can see it!
Trip to the dump - Was planned for this morning but my son has kindly agreed to assist his dad during the week instead.

Thats enough for a sickly girl even on a sunny day

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Kung Fu Panda does lifesaving so Lizzie get busy

So, the Kung Fu Panda (its suits him, it really does) is way at a life saving course today. Briefly home for a late lunch and then off to work.

 I can do whatever I want, so I started off with a bit of painting. I am dreadful at painting and decorating but, in my defence, at least I do at least occasionally try. Also my house is very old (and odd) so everyone expects dodgy wood work :)   So all morning i have been slathering creamy coloured yogurty looking paint over everything in sight. Looks lovely, and in some places quite yummy as long as you can't smell it.

I also took the opportunity to finally follow a tutorial from Carla at my 1/2 dozen daily, to turn a pile if little bits of fabric I to a glasses case. It won't win prizes but considering I had none of the tools and just a borrowed sewing machine with some dodgy old cotton, I am more than pleased with the results

KFP just got home from his course and he was presented with two really big awards for his services over the years by the big RLSS Kahuna (  I asked who it was but he didn't know - the certificate says that the Queen is the patron but surely even he would have noticed had the Queen made the presentation?? Maybe

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Budget shopping wow

Quite a bit of veg and even organic Rachel's yogurt. Money does go further at Lidl. This week shopping for family of four for £35.80

Thursday, 11 April 2013

How about this?

Are these photos by Cathy not amazing? I want to make soap like these. How about retiring to the Crete house and making beautiful soaps when I retire. Olive Tree Soaps maybe??

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

To do

I have a to do list with all sorts of important things on it. Tonight I was late
home (because it is year end) , my son had cooked (yum) and I should have just hit the list but instead I decided to do my husbands taxes and stick the cases into the attic. They weren't even on my list so now I feel super efficient for getting to them early but also kind of miffed with myself for not doing my actual list. What a donut.
It might not be the fashion to be busy. ( is it just too eighties??) but it suits me. We get to know ourselves as we get older and that's me.
Thursday evening looks busy on the list, wonder how it will turn out?

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Return from holiday:New start

A break from work always gives me chance for a bit of a review but add to that some time spent at the Crete house and of course I am going for a ''start of the year' type review.

I am going to control our finances better: structure not frittering. I can do it but I need to be reminded every few months or I get all frittery again. We are spending less on food because of quantity cut back, not quality cut back, which is all good. Water is cheaper since we went to the meter. Gas and electric is cheaper in summer as we 'play out' instead.

I am aiming for some specific financial goals:-
saving for two trips to the Crete House annually or one plus another holiday.
replenishing an emergency fund
clearing the overdraft
Continuing to overpay the mortgage.
Maybe I am learning balance from the very smart and adventuress MW

I am aiming to try a few new hobbies. I want to make soap, posh soap. Lots of inspiration on Pinterest. I want to try a little bit of sewing, in the style of the lovely Carla. I end up always working or doing house work. This needs to come up my list.

Happy New Year :)

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