Sunday, 3 January 2016

The 2016 Reading Challenge

I haven't read so much lately as I used too and i think I would benefit both from a bit more reading and from broadening my horizons.

So me, my best mate and my son (and probably thousands of other people) and trying this challenge.

This is where I am so far. My best friend has the opposite problem. She spent last evening chosing books and now has loads and needs to prune

A book published this year
A book you can finish in a day-
A book you have been meaning to read - Superfreakonomics
A book recommended - A year of reading dangerously
A book you read in school- The Devils Disciple - George Bernard Shaw
A book chosen for you by spouse, child etc
A book published before you were born
A book banned at some point
A book previously abandoned
A book you own but never read
A book that intimidates you
A book you have already read at least once

I am not sure how to find a book that intimidates me. Can a book intimidate? I shall ponder on what that means.
Anyone want to join in? Its only 12 books for the whole year so should be pretty easy..

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Last Years Goals - proper re-visit

Reduce mortgage capital by over £10k - this is the minimum but not sure how much it was be in over-payments as the interest rate is potentially changing ALMOST

Commence legalization of the Crete house - going to take years and cost a ton but if I start it then I will be closer to finishing it PAID MY TAX ETC SO WE PROGRESS SLOWLY AND PAINFULLY

Lose a further 20kg with my new healthier liftstyle -  I am not saying I have lost 8kg so far as that belongs to 2014 and the slightly lighter me is now real me. So the current weight is my new base. LOST 12

Devise a new income plan -  Some additional income, maybe for now, or maybe for something to do during retirement/early retirement.   ( I am a massive MMM fan so retirement means doing what you like not doing nothing) I HAVE SOME IDEAS WHICH I WILL TALK ABOUT SOON

Make sure to cycle at least weekly and preferably more. - This may lead to cycle to work unless working at a different location or needing the car to carry stuff. Not sure yet. NO BUT FAR MORE WALKING

Enjoy my house - Continuing with simplifying and de-cluttering until what is left is all we need. This is really simple but its making so much difference to me. YES VERY MUCH, STILL DITCHING STUFF THOUGH

Speak a little Greek to my neighbours - I can understand quite a lot now but I really need to work on speaking back. My neighbours are adorable and would love to chat more. YES, MUCH IMPROVED

Import and sell a batch of Olive Oil - one of my lovely neighbours is having some trouble selling their oil, which is their main livelihood,  Or I guess they all are but only one has told me. I would like to buy some from him and ship it home to sell to friends. YES AND IT WAS DELICIOUS AND VERY POPULAR

Dancing - I love dancing and its good for me. Lets get it onto the calendar BIG FAT FAIL

Visit Newcastle - My son is in his second year at Uni and I have been up to visit him and see the place YES AND HAD A GREAT TIME

Plan a cruise - Maybe not in the year as I have a lot of other holiday things planned but maybe set the wheels in motion PLANNED BUT NOONE WAS INTERESTED

Cats fully trained - Can cats be trained? Well anyway I want them to understand the cat flap, how to sneak through windows, what is and what isn't a litter try and the  sofa is not the place to sharpen your claws.YES, BLESS THEIR LITTLE FLUFFY TAILS

Car - We are sharing a car. Its okay but not convenient at all. Sort this in the year. DONE

Clear my overdraft - I tend to forget I have an overdraft because it is free but I would be happier without it so every time I get any money (i.e. pay day or expenses day) I plan to reduce it by £100. WELL REDUCED BUT NOT DEAD

Sleep well - I was sleeping well previously after my NLP anchoring thing. I need to get back to that. FORGOT ALL ABOUT NLP BUT PRETTY GOOD SLEEPER

Have a better hair cut - I am thinking have a visit to a fancy salon to get some advice and an initial cut. I cant believe its not possible for my hair to look better than it does right now! NO, I SHOULD BE ABLE TO DO BETTER

Poker in Vegas - Fahed has two really good wins at poker over Christmas. So I struck whilst the kettle was hot (is that a saying) and said 'why don't we put all your winnings in a pot and when we have enough we can go to Vegas. You can play poker and I can do whatever else they have'. I have never been to Vegas and I think this would be fun. The pot might take a while to get full enough though. POKER GOING WELL GENERALLY BUT HE JUST ISNT INTERESTED IN VEGAS, NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT

All new underwear - Okay this is a funny one but I am thinking measured for bras. And whilst I am at it then some fancy pants too! SORT OF BUT NOT ENTIRELY

Kayaking - Just have a go. Looks fun and maybe I would like it. NOPE BUT I HAVE A PROMISE OF A SESSION ONCE THE SEA WARMS UP A BIT

SupPer club - I really fancy the idea of something like a pop up restaurant at our house or somewhere where you are, for one evening, a restaurant. I obviously delegate the cooking to Fahed but all the same, its a goal for me. I HAVE GOT TO THE STAGE OF GETTING HIM TO CONSIDER IT

That;s not actually bad at all so I am going to crack on with a lisst for this year. What is a more inspiring word than goal list?

Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy New Year

I went to check back on my 2015 goals and haven't yet quite remembered where I wrote them Doh! However with coaxing from my friend I remembered quite a few.

I was about £1500 short on mortgage repayments
I lost 12 kg but put 3kg back on, so overall 9kg. If I do the same this year then I will consider that a win.
Commence legalisation of Crete House - well I got a Greek accountant and have been paying relentlessly but not sure I am progressing, sometimes. Its all hugely complex.
Plan a cruiser. I planned but old fella didn't want to go so that's that
Improve my Greek. yes slightly.
Bring some of my neighbours olive oil home for my friends. Yep.
Sort out cars - Yes, we are fully car'd up.
Visit Newcastle. Yes, we collected Jamal when he finished his last college phase and took a week long trip including time in Edinburgh. Was great fun.

So overall I am fairly content. Bring on 2016

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