Sunday, 5 February 2017

Anyone else been Kon Marieing?

I know I keep on about it but I love this book and the ideas behind it. I even love how nutty she is (thank my shoes, you say???)

So my son is home from Uni now. All academic exams passed but he still has to pass his certificate of competence in March, fingers crossed for that. As he has really been here for 3.5 years his room wasn't very welcoming so he has given it a bit of a once over. And it seems to me he has done the Kon Marie thing without ever having read the book. I think he has absorbed some KM from me! He really pruned his 'komono' section, which is really the 'random crap' section. He only kept clothes which he loves or likes. It fits well with his expected life style. When he is at sea he has 40kg allowance and that must last him for 4 to 6 months, and he likes to take a massive fluffy blanket, called fluffy, in there as well. But so far what he has learned from so much travelling has served him well. He went off to Uni for his final term by plane, so minimal luggage, although he did take the train another time to get his fathers bike up there. And when we went to Crete this year he just had his carry on luggage, for a 3 week holiday. I am beginning to think I could learn from him. Maybe he could write a Kon Marie style book :)

Unrelated, or maybe mildly related but he is now the easiest person to book travel for. When he had to get back from Togo in Africa it involved about 24 hours of travel. I think he had a taxi into Nigeria. Then only three planes a week travel to Europe. The wait in Paris CdG was 7 hours and so it went on. So when i was looking for a cheap way to get to visit his friend in the Derby area it was £85 on the train or £8 coach into London and £5 coach London to Derby. I dropped him locally at 6am and he arrived at 2pm and didn't bat an eye lid about how long it took.  I know people who come from geographically biog places take such things in their stride but this is a tiny little island. We are used to getting anywhere in a day!!

So anyway he has learnt Kon MArie from me and I am learning travel patience from him. Fair swopsies

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