Sunday, 26 August 2018

Whats going on with the weather???

So we have just had two months of ridiculously hot weather. Up to the high 30's regularly. Was actually warmer here than in Crete during one of my trips. And today is the Sunday of August Bank Holiday weekend, pretty much the only weekend of the year where you can guarantee wall to wall sunshine and what have we got? More rain than we have had since last winter.  I am actually loving it. In this weather I don't feel I need to go out and do things. A day of partially enforced sloth. Lovely! I did go to the shop though and do a really big shop. We will only need veg and bread to get through the month now.

Oh and I found out what is wrong with my arms. Rotator cuff tendinitis, caused by bone spurs, probably caused by diabetes. So I am happy, I think, or at least I do know.

So bank holiday tomorrow, should be dry and if so then we have some work to do in the garden.  also do some mending and finish the laundry. Clean a skirt I have sold on ebay and now made a mess on (sigh). In fact generally made a dent in my to do list!

Oh and I have been selling things on ebay. a lovely taffeta skirt, an air fryer, bike rack and something else I have forgotten,

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Feeling very mortal

Unbelievably another guy died at my work on the same day as Trisha. He had a heart attack as he was fitting someone a new garden fence. Also my exact age, 56. Then my lovely friend lost her husband. It was expected but I don't think it makes it any easier. Oh and I sort of fancied doing a 6 week 'learn a new type of cookery class' with my sister during the winter. A few years ago we did Hot & Spicy Thai. So i phoned the college to ask if our favourite tutor was doing anything this year. Goes without saying at this point that she had of course died since then. All of these lovely folk are too young to be dying off.

I have decided any day that I end up above ground is a good day. If not I would just wither away in sadness. I'm trying to support those around me and in between started this week to watch loads of comedy just before bed each day to see if i can buck up my brain a bit.

Time to get back on the horse.

I am going to read a ton of other peoples blogs now, cheer myself up with everyones lovely carryings on,

Friday, 3 August 2018

What a week

My lovely work friend Trisha had problems with her first chemotherapy session. It was down hill from there. We lost her on Sunday morning. The team up there are all very close, more like family than co-workers. A devastating week. If I write very much today then i start to make this all about me and of course its not, my pain and devastation are nothing to her losing life. Bye bye my lovely friend, I am glad to have known you.

My life

My wonderful husband has died. He was in hospital for some weeks but this was very unexpected. I won’t be reading or writing for the foresee...