Saturday, 29 October 2016

Some of the goodies we brought back.

Are these not all fantastic. Everything we brought back has now gone except for one tablecloth. Amazing

Greek friends and neighbours say Hi

Up at the lake at Zaros with the family

Mum and dad looking especially cute
Jamal looking remarkably like his brother when borrowing Antonias hair!

At my lovelyneighbours house
With my lovely neighbour Katerina
With my other neighbours Fanourious and Anthi, plus the fam.
And again!

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Back home and totally recharged

I am back from almost a month at the other house and annoyingly, I imagine, full of bounce. An ageing Tigger, in fact. A change can do that for you. I cant say it was a rest. We did a ton of work on the house. So manual that i cant log on to my phone with thumb prints at the moment as I have worn them away! First world problems and all that. I also did some work on bank accounts, capital controls are an ass ache and a half, found a new tax accountant and uncovered a debt which my previous account had never mentioned to me, and on which I am incurring interest. Bugger! And saw a lawyer about legalisation of my property. We have a lot of expenditure this coming year apparently. As in completely re-do my budgets type of expenditure. However overall its a huge financial saving so yay for new Greek lawyer.

In related news I brought back 14 tablecloths, 5 backs and 65 kilos of extra virgin, worlds yummiest, olive oil. I have 29 kilos without a current buyer, and a single silk and wool tablecloth, but everything else is gone. The ladies of the market were so pleased to see us and make some sales. My Greek friend was so impressed that she offered to visit the market for us and post on extra goods. I wont be doing that as post would make it prohibitively expensive but nice of her to offer, i thought.

So what is coming up for me and the gang?  I need £8.5k fairly urgently so am pruning all the budgets. If we can get our act together in the next three months we can save a fortune! Woohoo!

See, all full of bounce like an irritating Tigger!!

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