Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Where did I go?

Is there anybody there?
I think I forgot I had a blog.
I have been doing stuff, honest. Not excessively though, so really no excuses. My life is about the right level of busy and as stress free as it can be in the 21st century, so all in all I have no excuses except for being forgetful.
Maybe its because my new years 'things' were to have a little more adventure (low level!) in my life and little more reading of books I wouldn't normally choose. They have both been taking some of my time. Plus I somehow joined up with some Healthworks things which has me exercising more days than not each week.
So now that i think a bout it quite a lot has changed. Oops, so that why my poor little blog got sadly forgotten.

So anyway I have read some books I wouldn't normally read, booked Fahed a trip to visit his sisters (in Jordan as Syria is obviously too dangerous and scary), booked our flights for month away in the autumn, joined an exercise class, a pilates class and the gym. Oh, and am doing a writing course which I also somehow forgot (and I had better do my homework now I remembered). No spring holiday though as my travel mates mama is not very well.

Learned to cook risotto and pavlova quite well indeed. Spent a fortune on fixing both cars.
Oh and decided to watch Games of Thrones. I am 3/4 through season 2 and I think it has got me in its grips. Do not attmept this at home (as they say) unless you are quite comfortable with naked flesh. There is loads of it. My son kindly pre warned me. Luckily skin doesn't scare me as story is quite gripping.  Favourite quote from yesterdays offering 'this knife is sharp enough to shave the hairs off a spiders ass' ( I guess he means bum not donkey but in my mind, definitely donkey :)

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