Saturday, 20 September 2014

A bit more work life balance

I was thinking to myself that I lost my frugal mojo today. I'll tell you why! 

On Saturday Fahed starts his swimming teaching work at 8am, in the water the whole time He breaks for an hour a 2. And the. Goes back for up to four more lessons.

I took him down a picnic lunch and ate with him in his break. He looked so tired I wasn't sure he was safe to teach in the water for another four lessons. And then it didn't matter as not one of the students turned up.

So I thought I might suggest to him that he stops at 2pm. I know six hours is a really short day but I suspect 6 hours teaching in cold water is quite tiring. I am guessing this based on the fact that he came home and went to bed, missing his voluntary work, and I expect him to sleep until I wake him in the morning.

So not very frugal? But surely this is why I am careful with my money in the first place? So that I can say to him that's enough, we can stop now. I very much like it when he has the energy to stay awake when I am home sometimes. He has a heart condition and whole bunch of others stuff and I like to keep him as long as I can.

I think this is a reasonable addition to my work life balance plan.  I can't actually tell him though as he is sound asleep still. Bless!

Work life balance

I keep my money hand fairly well closed most of the time but I am thinking of doing something a little crazy.

I work quite long hours and I never get on top of my housework properly without extra days off. I am seriously considering a  cleaner.

I love the idea of not having to worry about what I have forgotten to clean properly. I am less keen on parting with money for something that I can do myself.

When we get back from our time away I maybe spring clean a room at a time and then see if someone else can keep it up for me.

Oh dear, I am already worrying about it.

What would you do?

Friday, 19 September 2014

Getting ready travel

I have the weekend still, I planned my flights this way as I am now old enough to appreciate the extra time.

We are flying with easy jet so can't get a much better deal than that

Visitors are bringing some of our extra stuff so as to avoid excess baggage charges

I also got 10% discount on my car hire? And my lovely dad contributed quite bit too.

Tomorrow I am shopping for more food for Ahdel for the month. He doesn't eat much and he is ahoy with repeats, plus his grandma spoils him, so I am sure he won't have to spend too much.

Also on my shopping list is a picnic to take to the airport for our ore flight breakfast.

Parking is somewhere obscure but at a good price. My dad will collect us at the end of a month so we only leave his car there whilst they are with us. Saves several hundred pounds.

My 'special' kitten is chasing her tail as I type, and I occasionally get the claws as she whizz es around in a circle. Crazy baby cat. I didn't know cats did this, is tail chasing not for dogs?

Tomorrow. Y baby is back and we have a breakfast date. He he.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

One more work day

The men ate something for lunch which appeared to be almost entirely composed of tin tomatoes
(Very economical)

I had today's meals bought for me by the company as I was travelling and a bowl of Rice Krispies was a perfect 'dinner' this evening

I typed up instructions for eldest to use the washing machine etc when we are away. Pretty sure the electric bill will go down as he looked somewhat nervous of shrinking all his clothes so I suspect a few visits to grandma might be in order

The cats and I are in our beds nice and early (well in their baskets but I am in bed) as the weather is frightful and I saw the closest lightning ever tonight, so we are hibernating

This weeks shopping will be food for Ahdel for the month. Plus some cat litter and food

Before we leave all the leftover veg can become freezer containers if soil for the coming winter

Nothing especially exciting to report but I am keeping under control and eradicating waste