Sunday, 24 July 2016

Bollywood Dancing Summer at its best

Looky, look, look. These are the dancers in the advanced class at out dance class. they were brill and had the  audience clapping and dancing.

Put on your red shoes and dance

Off to Chichester, the one down here on the South coast or at least I hope its that one, this morning to collect a lovely mirror which i bought on eBay for a bargain price of £17. I would value it at more like £200. Its 140cm x 120cm. We moved our wardrobes out of our bedroom and into the smallest bedroom so a big mirror will be lovely on that wall and reflect the window and garden when we are in bed.

And this after is the local Mela. Asian dancing and food, and apparently martial arts and falconry, going on all day in the park in the town. I am going as our dance class have a 1/2 hour slot. The beginners class don't, luckily, but our advanced class do a few of these locally each year.  Shailly, our dance teacher, says next year we will be! EEK

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Saturday again

No commitments today. Just a lovely to-do list which I constructed with Saturday in mind. Some maintenance, like a hair cut. A little low level shopping, cat treats and something for lunch. Then back home to carry on moving my office, or maybe my study, downstairs. And finish turning my old office into a big old closet.

Did I mention I wrote a book? Well pulled it together by quizzing my friend actually. She has a restaurant in Crete and is trying to raise extra funds to renovate some buildings that she has there. As customers are always asking for recipes, so I did this to see if I can help, and also because I very much fancied seeing name on a printed book cover! Another tick off on the bucket list, if I had one.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

and so to plan

So food. Nutrition v entertainment. For the moment its only nutrition. I have stopped watching any cookery programmes, even Hugh and his chickens. And i have ditched all my food blogs from feedly. Stop torturing myself I thought. I am not even hungry so no excuses.

And my natural inclination to organise things got an outing today. Sorted out my sons flights to visit us out at the Crete house. A lift up to London with people who are already going that way, Easyjet out, Ryan-air back to Bristol and train back to Southampton.  He is very happy. He wishes that the people who organise his flights home from the ships were so interested in his welfare. Last time he was 7 hours in Paris Charles de Gaul waiting for a connection to Heathrow, so I think I see his point. They forget its actually people travelling.

So new PM is Theresa May. Seems like a proper scary old bird so far. That;s democracy for you, Or so I keep being told