Thursday, 18 August 2016

Moving on

Okay. I am over the whole pension thing, other than perhaps for the odd grouch. Instead I am going to think about what I will do if I decide to do something completely different for a few years.

Plans for rest of this year.

Post holiday - re-schedule my mortgage to shorten the remaining years
Have a proper think about what I could do if I didn't want to carry on with my current career.
Make plans for the holiday
Another post holiday plan includes a service and general overhaul for both cars
Carry on with my weight loss (very happy with it right now)
More dancing. My lovely Bollywood plus Salsa and maybe I can fit in some West Coast Swing.
More travel. Definitely need more travel.

And arent the Olympics exciting. I cant believe how well we are doing. Such a small country in second place. Very inspiring.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

One last moan about Brexit

This is a really selfish one too. I am sorry but just this once. I put a ton of money every month into my pension. So now with the economy in decline once again, as we basically all knew would happen, there is a massive deficit on my pension. Basically the investments made by the pension provider are now reduced in value so it appears that they don't have enough to pay us. As we adjust to being outside of Europe and forge new trade deals etc then this probably improves but that'll be too late for me. The board members at my work want to suspend the scheme. That means that my pension will be frozen until i retire but that I cant add more over the coming years.  In the grand scheme of things it doesn't really matter but I have really scrimped and saved to ensure I am not a financial nuisance to anyone when I get old.

I have only heard this today so no doubt i will get used to the idea and it might even make me re plan my future so who knows. Might as well retire sooner but have to find some new income ideas.


Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Mini library

So in the spirit of concentrating on the nice things I have been trying to part with some books. Its hard but I have sorted out a bag full. But there is a plan for them. My friends daughter has a very good heart, as well as pink dreads and a blind dog (as only the best people have) and now a library in her garden!. The have painted a water tight cupboard and are allowing people to take books and add books. Lovely idea. I think she said about also doing something similar with food. But anyway, in the meantime my books are going to their own mini library to bring the pleasure of books to some new people.

Also I read this today (or something very similar)

When you see a stranger reading a book which you love, its like having a personal introduction to that person, by the book.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Syrian Cook Book

My husband is an amazing cook. Home cooking, Syrian style with some Greek, English and Thai thrown in , Not restaurant stuff.  We take it for granted but a few, no longer hungry, visitors lately have pointed out to me that not everyone has this resource available to them!

Now I am wondering if I shouldn't try to get some of his amazing recipes and techniques written down. I am still flushed with my success from pulling together a recipe collection book for my friend. She has had the book printed up and is selling it to customers to raise money for some repairs to a house which she has on their land. I think it could be their pension to have a rental house up and running. Another advantage would be loads of good cooking as he shows off his best dishes and I document them. Even if it never makes it to proper book stage then its still a lovely record of the foods which his mum taught him when he was a little 'un.

Okay, so now its on my list. But not yet as I am still trying to lose more weight. So much still to go but at least I found a diet where it actually goes.  Next week I have my diabetic clinic so i know then if they are happy with me.

And now? I feel the urge to de-clutter coming on. And before that then perhaps a list. I do like a nice list to tick off and a box of clutter to donate. Also I should probably do some work. Oops.