Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Glad I perservered

Well this whole bloggy to-do (to done??) list thing is working really well for me. I am way more productive when I get my ducks in a row and to be blogged about the ducks must be aligned. Its very good for adding structure to my life

Tonight I am home alone, except three bonkers teenage kittens. Jamal has gone back to uni. I was very cool about it and didnt even go right in the airport with him. Ahdel & Sara are out to dinner with the band to say thank you to the guy who filmed their big gigs at the weekend. The old fella has tae kwondo after work.

As a reward I will tonight be mostly reading blogs and article on the net, maybe a little TV. Maybe I will sort of drawer or something just to feel like I have achieved something. Oh, and peruse the Old Style and Mortgage Free Wannabe board on MSE

Happy days indeed

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

A wet Tuesday

I did nothing very useful today. Got up a five am to take Jamal to the airport to go back to university. As we didnt sleep that well last night after big family meal and last minute packing I am quite tired.

I managed a couple of things:

  • Looked in depth a bank spending for last few days, as we prepared for Jamal to go (eek) but at least i looked and dealt with it.
  • Found a cheque and put it in my purse for banking
  • Ate leftovers
  • Booked old guys time sheets so that we get paid for his work
  • Claimed my expenses at work
  • Opened a bank account for my son to keep his expenses in and keep for his regular savings - and earned myself £33 cash back in the meanwhile
So actually I thought I didnt do anything and actually i think i did do quite a few things. Now it is almost 8pm and I am off to my bed.

Monday, 25 August 2014


Bank holiday Monday and it is too wet to gardening. In fact its almost 8am and so dark that it looks more like 5am.

However, I have plans:

  • Jamal is leaving for uni in the morning bright and early so today we have a nice family meal and watch a film together.
  • I have three bags to go to the recycling facility. (I also have three to go to the salvation army but i think it is tempting fate to put them in the car together. I will surely get mixed up)
  • I think a little ebaying might be a good idea to supplement funds for Crete. I have some strange things to sell. A lovely birdcage, a spares or repair gear box, a pool table (modelled below by Bagheera), some more conventional clothing and stuff. 

Sunday, 24 August 2014


  • Bought three gig tickets for an upcoming festival where my sons band are performing. One is birthday present for my best mate. We did use the promo code though to get £15 off.
  • Spent some time sort out my study ready for home working during our building refurb. I am binning and recycling like a crazy woman. Also another pile to go to the other house. My assistant has been climbing over everything and knocking everything over. Now she is snoozing on the printer. I think we are progressing but I cant be sure! I did think pc was making a weird noise but pretty sure it is in fact a gentle purr.
  • Both kids are away today. One at his grandparents and the other is gigging a few hundred miles away. The old fella and I will eat from the store cupboard. Tomorrow we will have a nice meal as Jamal is then leaving us for a while.