Saturday, 18 April 2015

Travel. Its still all about travel

Around here it is.

Fahed leave to visit his family on Monday for four weeks. Packing on Sunday.

I am travelling to Crete with my best mate on Thursday for a few days. We have plans including hanging curtains, making some throws for the sofas, making cakes for various neighbours and friends, maybe some running (what????). You know, all the usual things that people do on hols.

Jamal is waiting to hear from the training agency when he will leave for 5 months. He is awaiting something with his inoculations so its held him up or else he should have gone before us. I checked out the fleet of the six ships he could join, one in Columbia, one in Mozambique, one in New Orleans (which I had previously pictured in my head to be inland), 2 in Brazil and one in Saudi Arabia. Not sure which I fancy but anyway he doesn't get a choice,.

I think he doesn't go until I get back (I hope) but the cats will go stay with his brother anyway as they like cuddles more than he does.

So the place has a little buzz of excitement. And quite  a lot of mess.

They did get a bit more landscaping done though. And one of the cats supervised.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Budget travel (Update)

Extras for the trip

Apparently Easyjet have a little known 'never knowingly undersold' clause. I need to phone them and in theory I will be refunded the amount of the that our flight prices have gone down since they were booked. I will try this tomorrow

I joined 'mygatwick' to print off vouchers for discount on pizza (not so handy for someone who cant eat bread) and free coffee and even better free wifi.

If I get any better at this I will be paid to travel.

I also went to Amazon to buy some kindle books to read on my hols. Each book was £3.99 but I search for a boxed set and paid £5.99 for the three. I could have lived without these but I was feeling somewhat indulgent.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Budget travel

I have booked flights to go out to the house in Crete with my best mate for a week. We are really operating on a budget, as I have already had a holiday this year but I think we can still have some fun.

So far

Flights with Easyjet x 2 - We chose our dates to fit the cheapest flights and we dont mind the antyisocial arrival times etc as we always have fun together - Total £210 (including an extra amount for front seats but its well worth it)

We will drive my car to the airport which is a 160 mile round trip - Diesel £20

Airport parking for the week, my mate found us a half price deal £25

Car hire on hols 140 euro - I know is really expensive compared with most parts of the world but for Greece this is a bargain. The exchange rate mean this is about £100

Accommodation - well its has cost me plenty but no extra cost for using the house now.

We are taking our normal housekeeping money for the week as our spending money.

Friday, 10 April 2015

Is it chaos or just clutter?

Four day week this week and so its Friday again which is always lovely.

Eldest son and his girlfriend have pretty much been here all the week and now youngest sons girlfriend has arrived. If I was wanting peace and quiet I should have stayed at work.

Luckily for me I can manage on small bursts of peace and quiet!

So now its all about socialising and eating and the work on the house is forgotten. There is 'Jamal clutter' from the empty bedroom in the downstairs bathroom, the downstairs bedroom and the conservatory. Also the dinner table is covered in clean folded clothes. The kitchen is full of washing up gathered from the decorating sites and also a nice huge pile of clean washing (somehow all of my laundry baskets have disappeared!). The sitting room is the most normal but still a fair bit of clutter, also top of the stairs, the small bedroom which i use for my office is completely inaccessible, my room has piles of clean clothes as i can't get to the wardrobe in the office. There are tools and paintbrushes in the main bathroom. It is utter chaos but also a little bit fun to have a house full. Now what I dont need is for the training co-ordinator to send Jamal to sea for five months before this lot is sorted out. Oh please no.

Tomorrow I will do what I can to get rid of a few things but basically he needs to got rhough every bag, box and pile.

As they say 'it will be lovely when it is finished'.