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Saturday, Saturday, Saturday

Singing that old song form the seventies? I was

Today I took a big package of glassware to the Salvation Army and put a bag of clothing and bedding into their recycling bin thing. I always feel a bit lighter on my shoulders when i get rid of more things.

I went tot he local shopping centre and had my eyebrows 'done' and tinted. Then i dyed my hair purple! :) I was looking very unpleasantly beige I felt. I even wore lipstick one day this week to try to resuscitate my colour. Purple hair and dark eyebrows should do it for a bit though.

In my last post i mentioned renting the Crete houses out and a couple of you reminded me that I will get visitors form all over the place. I am rather more excited about the prospect now! I had focused some much on making financial ends meet that I had forgotten all about having fun! What madness is this? I am suddenly much keener. And Fahed will love it. I bet he has BBQ's for all the visitors. They will be lucky to escape from him as he is a…

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