Monday, 24 November 2014

Monday extra day off

I had a flexi day today and my best friend came over from the island to visit. We thought about making coffee syrups, in fact I have almond extract and vanilla extra plus some sugar just in case we decided to. Then we realised neither of us takes sugar in our coffee and likes the idea of a sweet coffee. Idea shelved!

Instead we got the hot glue gun out! We cut a load of corks in half lengthways. Then we found a frame with a boring picture in it plus an actual cork board. We spent the day making very cool cork board. The problem here is now that most wine has a screw top we are entirely reliant on my German friend Margret, who buys her wine in Germany on an annual basis for corks.

Are they not great?

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Saturday night - update

Only two more weeks before my Christmas gift to myself - super duper spring clean. So I am trying hard to get as much sorting out as possible done in the time. Less to clean at the very least.

  • Had a good sort out and tidy in the main bathroom, our bedroom and the study. 
  • I am 70% complete in the study now. I cant believe the difference
  • Monday - day off and visit from my best mate so we may de-clutter a bit more in the way of craft stuff ad almost certainly some wine :)
  • Kittens are doing really well with playing in the garden and then coming in when they are called. They have such fun and are so cute.
  • I hope I am not tempting fate but no more accidents from lovely girl Lorenzo (named after Lorenzo the magnificent, Lorenzo Medici, I didn't know there was a Disney cat called Lorenzo until today)
  • Ate frozen leftovers for dinner but my lovely husband bought me lunch as a treat.
  • Crochet is coming along nicely, although it is just a granny square which is growing. I am not good as starting the granny squares so I am going for one huge one, as my first attempt for 40 years.
  • I really want to attack the attic for some serious emptying out tomorrow but I need the old fella on board. Wish me luck!

Friday, 21 November 2014

Friday night

Made my shopping list and doing list for to,Oreos. I will put a bit more meat on the bones of the to do list in the morning
And there is a photo of my lovely Bagheera, keeping me company as I do my lists

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Thursday - quick one!

What I meant was not much to say

Fahed made a meal of chopped cooking bacon, chopped potatoes friend up in a little olive oil and then crack a few eggs on the top. He left enough for me to have this for ny dinner and it was yum, and very frugal!

All kittens are still here and safe and well.

More marmalade to be made next weekend. A pot in everyone's Christmas gifts!

Off to bed to hide under warm covers