Monday, 21 July 2014


for some mad reason we decided it was a good time to get a kitten, which somehow turned into three kittens. The are cute and gorgeous but it is 30 degrees and we cant open the windows (not had all of their jabs yet plus they are not yet neutered)so it is hot and nasty in here. And there are litter trays, which is also nasty. And then there are the times when something else gets mistaken for the litter tray. Looking on the bright side, kittens are very cute but only stay completely bonkers for about 6 months, maybe a year, so things should settle down. Once they are fully jabbed and neutered then we can open all the windows and doors (glorious). When they are in whizz around the house like a hurricane mode lots of things are getting broken, which is really helping my de-cluttering process.

This is Tiger Lily, who was known as Lorenzo until the vet suggested she might not be a guy. I haven't put a photo of the three of them cuddled up together as I don't want anyone overwhelmed by their adorable cuteness :). no bias here at all!

Back soon

Anyone still reading? I'll be back soon :)

Monday, 23 June 2014

Much Ado About Nothing at Osborne House on the Isle of WIght

My birthday treat. We were hesitant to book this when it was first advertised in April as an outdoor anything in England in June can be bikinis or so ‘esters, but we braved it and were duly rewarded.

The venue was fairly spectacularly unbeatable in a pleasantly low key way. The lawn to the side of Osborne house, Queen Victoria’s summer location of choice, was bathed in summer sunshine but still green from the endless rains of winter.  Looking back towards to mainland the landscaping framed a view across the Solent towards Portsmouth.  Much as I, mostly,  like Portsmouth I  have to admit she looks her best from this vantage point.

We arrived about an hour before the performance commenced and picnic’d in baking sunshine for an hour.  Sadly I don’t have any photos of the company in action but I am certain that it wouldn’t do them justice anyway. Pre performance announcements banned photos and mobile, forcing everyone to just have the opportunity to focus on the performance. It worked, we did!

Non performance related highlights involved hitting someone in the head with our champagne cork, but thankfully causing no injuries, although it did look like it could turn into cork wars for a heated moment. No low lights other than having to carry chairs and picnics from the car park but it allowed us to feel virtuous about eating our picnics to keep up our strengths. Also, having the luggage put us off strolling around the grounds in the later afternoon sun.

Happy Birthday to me!

I am having a moment!

I am bored. You know how it is.

I am pretty much frugal on auto these days so I don't have to documents everything to keep an eye on myself. Plus there is nothing much which is new to write and I get bored when nothing is new. Also I have re-discovered fun! Oh, and obviously I have re-discovered the enjoyment of having little fluffy quadrupeds about the place.

So I am having a change and branching off a bit.

This is a blog about a fairly frugal and fairly simple life. And travel (almost certainly frugal) and visiting places (so travel, but less far), and animals. And anything else I can think of. Maybe my home, my creations, my renovations, my stuff.

That's it. Lizzie's World is all about Lizzie's stuff.

I will go do some stuff now and write about it :)