Friday, 18 April 2014

Rewards Scheme

We have a rewards scheme at work. I haven;t really investigated how it works very well, although I did get some gift cards when we first joined.  This week I had to go to the site to sell some holiday days back tot he company and I stopped to have a proper read.

I get 5% of my weekly shop - Asda or Sainsbury
12% of B&Q, so useful as we are always doing something to hold this old house together for a bit longer.
10% of Matalan and other slightly more expensive clothing retailers.

All of the cards have to be loaded up front and take a couple of days to go through but I should really be able to plan that, surely??

So from this month I am going to load the asda card with my grocery money, the B&Q card with my DIY money etc.

I am expecting a two fold benefit. Firstly and most obviously I get the discount. then I get the control and living within budget.

Baby steps in the right direction

Thursday, 17 April 2014

4 days no work

Four days at home. No work for me. the others have normal work but I work the longest hours anyway so I am not feeling too guilty. Directly after that Fahed goes away for some time to visit his family.

I am going to try to make full use of that time for a bit more de-cluttering )will it never end?), some change around and sorting out, so more additions to my new healthier routines.

We plan to carry on with the shed tomorrow. In fact that is our main plan until it is done. I will help out and also take some more time in my garden.

After that we move back indoors. In an old house there is always something needs doing.

Once upon a time we would have gone away for Easter but now I think that to stay and make my home nicer is better for me. I cant face the traffic, the cost of petrol, so many people at the seaside or any attraction that we visit. My home is calling instead.

And anyway I miss Jamal more when there is something like this where we would normally have a big family dinner. We wait until he comes home and then do our celebrating all together.

Baby steps

I have added a little column over on the right (well, hopefully I have) when I do something which fits in with this years, most years, goals.

So anything which feels like an achievement, small or large.

Additional Income
Setting and sticking to budgets
Decreasing  mortgage debt
Improving health and fitness
Increasing activity
Random good news
Completing tasks

I like to be accountable for things

Monday, 14 April 2014

Mortgage repayments

Since we borrowed quite a bit of extra money to buy the land for our house in Crete, and then still more to actually build it, I have quite a bit of mortgage debt to get rid of before I can think of retiring.

I discovered this free and rather natty calculator last week and having been running endless scenarios.

I think I may have a plan!  I especially like this model as it allow for variable over payments and also for an offset. Plus you can split the debt if you have different bits of mortgage at different interest rates.

I have included a link in case anyone else is thinking of doing the same thing.