Friday, 31 October 2014

Friday More stuff happens......

  • Kittens are in collars to stop them licking their wounds. They are not happy with me. However total bill for the three kittens, and i bought kg of yummy healthy cat food. Total cost £152. I had budgeted £210. 
  • I have been reading a book about tidying up as recommended by Get Stuff Done Moira. The life changing magic of tidying. Weird but great, so I am attacking my clutter with new enthusiasm. There isn't actually much clutter anymore but I would like even less. So if I follow these instruction all my possessions will fill me with joy! He he, what a lovely idea and not so much about tidying at all but more about getting rid of all the stuff you dont like so that you are left with what you do like. And I am pretty sure this doesnt just apply to physical stuff.
  • £8.22 refund for my return of a German language audio book (must be more observant when ordering)
  • £15 of Amazon vouchers for logging arrivals days of letters.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

THursday - a confusion of admin

So my Greek tax return for the year is done and my property tax is paid.

The 350 euro includes this years property tax which last year was applied through the electric bill, and was much higher, but thanks to the European Court of Human Rights now we must pay direct. Whilst I understand that its good that people who cant afford the random taxes we are currently being charged don't get the electricity cut off it is still a bit of nuisance for me as I now have to pay a Greek accountant, even though I am an accountant, to pay it for me.

After I paid my Greek tax of 350 euro I was looking at some old papers to find details about other things which need paying at some point. I missed that I had a quote for bringing my tax return status up to date in 2012. Apparently I should have completed a tax return every year since 2007. I wouldn't get any personal tax as I have no earnings in the country but I would need to pay a fine for missing the returns.

So 350 includes this years property tax, plus my fine, plus a fee to the accountant and a few to the guy who does the actual work. The quote 2 years ago was 768 euro just for the fine and bringing my returns up to date. I also paid 400e property tax last year and 800e the year before.

I am pretty pleased with my 350e now!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Wednesday - Definitely autumn

Colder and wetter almost overnight but the changing of the seasons is lovely. We wont be putting on any heating for ages yet. So far we haven't even started closing doors and curtains. I have washed all the fluffy blankets though for snuggling up under.

And so

  • Car sharing again - saved £5.20 parking plus fuel. And we get to enter our names on the car sharing spreadsheet at work with a chance to win £100.
  • Remembered the slow cooker. Came home to a lovely ready made dinner of beef stew last night (reduced cost stewing beef, of course!)
  • Kittens to the vets for neutering tomorrow. Half price because we are in the kitten club (which is not as cool as it sounds)
  • Greek tax is paid. Not money saving except that I don't get fined if its paid.
  • Took leftover stew to work for lunch - and not for the first time noticed that my boss also had leftovers. The more people get paid the more likely the are not to buy lunch from the sandwich van. Not a coincidence.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Tuesday - Back in the swing

  • Had my renewal through for the property insurance. Found one for slightly over a quarter of the price, which I bought, and have just cancelled the renewal. Annual saving of £280. 
  • Enquired about replacement lenses for my glasses with Cilliary Blue. One pair for computer work and one for driving. Should be a saving in the hundreds as it reuses existing frames.
  • Arranged a week of car sharing and didn't pay any parking!
  • Went to book for hippobag to be collected and found that the price was the same to buy a bag and have ti collected, so did that and got a free bag for next time £12.95 saved. No excuse not to start on front garden as well now.