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Good news post

Do you remember the manic bonkers period when we were doing Syrian lunches, cosplay parties etc to raise money to get my brother in laws business going back in Syria. Well it worked!! And thanks in no small part to quite a few people in the blog world, you know who you are xx

So here are some photos of Ameer with his new truck. Wife and daughter also posing. He is looking a lot older lately, and who wouldn't after all these years in a war zone and what has happened to him. Nonetheless he has a lot of get up and go and already he is starting up the business. He has the truck and has rented a shop and even has his first employee! I believe by the end of this year he will be employing quite a few people. And so the recovery begins.

Than you for all your help xx

The final picture is Ameer in the older neighbour hood where they were before. No smiles here. The devastation is overwhelming. I thought people might be interested to see though, its a real neighbourhood of real people, just …

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