Sunday, 31 December 2017

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

I am going for a positive start to 2018!

Fahed is due back at work in 8 days but cant actually walk yet. We are just hoping this doesnt indicate that the bone graft has been rejected. Anyway we see the consultant next week.  Oh dear, we will just gloss over that! He wont get sick pay now, even SSP which is very little anyway, as he has been off for so long with all the different things. So we can tighten our belts a bit further I am sure.

So as he cant walk we have rarely left the house this Christmas. I have used some of the time for planning for 2018, also Kon Maried my clothing, again. Today I am sorting the bedding and towels, my larder and, if the rain holds off, a quick sweep and tidy of the front garden.

I am looking at my 2017 goals and working out my 2018 ones.

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