Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Mid week post!

Go me!

I still don't know why I don't get notified of comments but I have worked out how to comment on the posts of others again. Or I haven't exactly but if I read blogs on my laptop then I can, even though the ipad and phone version still evades me. Nonetheless it progress!

This week I have to order 5 fence panels and 7 concrete gravel boards for one side of the garden. Fahed is ordering sand, cement and something else i have forgotten. A lady is coming to fit my new sofa covers. Its all go here.

The shed looks great. We were merciless in our de-cluttering. At least I was. I wouldn't be surprised to find that Fahed was sneaking things back in. He is such a squirrel. We enjoyed him being off from Saturday lunchtime during the 'toe injury period' that we are going to try to move his students from Saturday pm to Tuesday evening, Fingers crossed. If it works it will be great. I am used to spending Saturday on my own, and with my dad of course, but it feels like every week is a holiday when we are both home.

And today we went over to the allotment at about7.30am and picked loads of beans, dig potatoes, pulled our shallots and garlic (which were rubbish!) so feeling very pleased with ourselves. We have fruit to pick as well but not when its raining.

Now for some blog reading, since I have worked out how to do it properly again!

Sunday, 28 July 2019


Blogger has stopped messaging me to tell m e when someone comments. Anyone know what I have done?

A weekend at home

Fahed cut his foot in the garden last week. Right down to the bone. Eek. He did it with a sharpened spade. So it all became infected as you would expect. Half of his work is poolside and the other is in the water. So for two weeks he could do only poolside. That's his actual job, the lessons int he pool are private so although we shan't have much money next month he doesn't get into trouble for missing work.  So all this is leading to... he has been home with me a lot more in the evenings and Saturdays. So we have being doing all our The Good Life thing plenty. With the allotment now producing and stocking up with veg at the Asian supermarket we have been preserving and fermenting like crazy. We haven't got round to using the the fathers day gift of a smoker yet though.

With all this extra home work time we have all the wood ready for the next stage of the BBQ (for BBQ in this instance read;outside kitchen. It has a BBQ, sink and oven and takes up about 4 metres of my tiny garden.). So now we just need to order a ton of sand and another of gravel to get mixing for the concreting. We have the kids all here to help two weeks today, assuming that the temperature doesn't go back up.

Yesterday he did his four morning hours and was already working outside when i got back from lunch with my dad. He decided his shed/workshop is too over crowded and messy but he isnt really good at getting rid of things. Luckily I am!  All the wood which was actually junk went on the bonfire with the garden waste. I have a pile of stuff to be completed. A pile for the dump and a pile for giving way on Facebook.  We kept busy until time to go back to dads at around 7pm, so I feel like we already had our Sunday at home, and here I am, coffee in hand planning our Sunday of pottering about doing stuff.

So I am sorry Fahed's toe was painful and infected, sorry we missed out of two weeks of extra money from one to one lessons and all that but I had a couple of lovely busy home loving weekends, so yay!

And he is a random picture of the sausages we made (hopefully)

Saturday, 27 July 2019

And now July and not long until August

I have been getting back into my routines but apparently not my blogging routine. Oops.

Last time I think I mentioned my blood sugar had gone bonkers lately. The doctor said it was stress, sent me for grief counselling (I didn’t go, don’t tell him) and quadrupled my medication. There is a slight improvement when they check it this month. However in my diabetic review my blood pressure was waaaay up. Enough for the nurse to run for the doctor and I left with new medication and  an appointment for four days later.  All this tells me it’s time to lose weight and exercise more. Monday I’m back on the ultra low calorie diet which works so well with type 2 diabetes. Also walking to work  and generally fitting exercise into my routine again. All I do atthe moment is work and go to dads. I need to balance taking care of dad with taking care of me.
One lot
Exercise I am
Getting is working on the allotment ( rented vegetable patch if not familiar). Jamal and I work there for a few hours each week
And always my legs ache and my
Tummy feels like I have been doing sit up. So that’s a good thing, right? Also means I have got to that age where any sign of rain has me saying ‘oh lovely, just right for the garden’.  This week we had three days of 33 degrees so some rain would definitely be welcome, although temperature has broken today and should be mid 20s.
We have been doing all sorts of fun things lately, making sausages, making kimchi and pickles. I made jam with dad’s loganberries. It’s all very ‘The Good Life’ and I am Barbara!
I guess it’s time to move. I can’t sit in bed reading, writing, surrounded by kitty cats and drinking coffee all day. Can I?

My life

My wonderful husband has died. He was in hospital for some weeks but this was very unexpected. I won’t be reading or writing for the foresee...