Saturday, 22 July 2017


Yes, there is some.

Fahed falling to bits......

First we went downhill a bit. At fracture clinic on Wednesday the doctor told us that the injury is devastating and recovery will always be limited. Whatever happens we are not going back to normal. Fahed went into a bit of a decline. I dont think he is helped by all his sisters ringing every day and cooing over him as it indulges his self pity. I went as far as to say i was confiscating his phone at one point :) Yes, I am a mummy to be core apparently.

However yesterday the doctor phoned as told us the repair operation in Monday morning. That, coupled with me playing the part of his mummy in lectures, seems to have made a change. He is quite positive and perky again. And that a frame of mind I think is essential in any recovery. So Monday am is surgery time. There is a 40% chance they can pin the humeral ball back together but otherwise we are talking replacement shoulder joint.

Kon Marieing/Decluttering everywhere

A nice man who has a new flat came and collected a ton of kitchen stuff from me. He seemed delighted. The bread-maker went to a nice young girl at work. A bag of clothes to Salvation Army , and another bag ready to go. In the KonMarie book it says just crack on with your own stuff and everyone will start doing it but pah!, surely it cant be true. Well hoarder Fahed has been turning out drawers and cupboard, sorting and binning. Last night we emptied all his work clothes, toys etc out in the back room. It took a couple of hours but we sorted, binned and recycled. Now he has about half to repack in his car and it made his very happy! Woohoo. Today we plan to the last remaining cupboard in the front room and his clothes.


I am very much looking for a new career path in the medium term. Lovely Moyra found me a brilliant course but so far my boss is not overly enthused with parting with £4k for my personal development. Cant think why. I havent given up yet though. However I found a few more low level interesting things to do. A short life coaching course at the local college, a year long online course and maybe another 'make your dreams reality' type course which i have read about previously. Its a dofter path than I would have wanted but its a start, and as I am currently the only breadwinner around here then it makes sense. Mortgage comes first!

Saturday, 15 July 2017

What I did on my holidays/Part 2

I obviously spent quite a lot of time at the hospital but in between I did nursey type things (its been a few years since I had to bath anyone!) and cook meals. Fahed is on a ton of morphine which inhibits appetite but once a day we have a good healthy meal to keep him nourished. Also plenty of fruit. i don't make him eat other than that as I figure that being a bit lighter will help with this and the back op in the longer run.

In between times I have been running through a bit of Kon Marieing (ditching possessions!)

  • Been through my clothes and found another bin-bag full to go.
  • Upstairs bathroom is done - looks nice and empty (until Fahed and Jamal fill it up with clutter)
  • Downstairs bathroom was empty but is now full of stuff being stored whilst Fahed is out of action - so i wont dwell on that!
  • Our bedroom is fine. Untouched but was basically clear anyway
  • Larder and kitchen have been re-done - 2 boxes of pointless clutter on their way to the charity shop
  • Kitchen also has all the counters etc cleared. I really like it. And also really wonder how long they stay clear once I have gone back to work.
So its all lovely and empty but I know my family and i feel it wont be for long. I wish you could teach old dogs some new tricks but never mind.

Oh yes, and set up the wiifit. Jamal and I spent a couple of hours this morning ski jumping!

Friday, 14 July 2017

What I did on my holidays

I swear my life is not entirely composed of drama. No, really!

So my poor hunny bunny had been off work with his back problems (awaiting surgery on three vertebra to release nerve in his back. Possible vertebra fusing...) and he tripped in the garden. He never falls over. He just  never falls over. He was a fisherman for years and his balance is amazing. So I am blaming the morphine.

Out of the shed door, twisted ankle/leg and tried to save himself with his right arm. Apparently his collar bone should have broken but he is pretty strong boned so it didnt. Instead the humeral ball separated from the arm. It look horrendous. And apparently its now in three pieces. Did I mention he also broke a bone in the foot on the other side. So here we are with a broken shoulder and broken foot. Awaiting CT scan before the next visit to fracture clinic on Wednesday. Oh and of course the shoulder also needs an operation.

So I thought I should have a week or so off work to be nursey. And form this we know that I am not nurse material! Those people are saints!

Want to see some bruising??

The elbow from behind.

And from the front

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