Sunday, 10 June 2018

Holiday time (or how it feels when your house is burgled!)

So we finally got out to Crete to clear up the mess and look at what we lost. Such a mess but i think quite a lot of it was from the police and from the people that fitted the new windows and doors. We wondered why the burglar covered everything in black yuck but it turned out to be the finger print powder and came off okay on most things.

Fahed spent two days at the police station making a statement. The police have two suspects. To be honest I dont expect anything ever comes of all this but what can you do.

Looking on the bright side we have lovely new windows and doors! Also when we went to the shop to replace the fridge, cooker, vacuum cleaner etc they gave us a massive discount because they were so unimpressed with this happening. Very kind.

So how do i feel about the burglary? Well its a nuisance, an inconvenience, expensive (no insurance :( ) and a bloody annoyance but I am not overly traumatised. Fahed got  more and more cross every time he went to use something and we found it gone.

So in my head I am just framing it as a chance of an upgrade on everything. Eve and I are going again in a few weeks and we are cleaning, decluttering and painting. Will be like a whole new house.

And i have no photos except this one, labelled 'hot car'!

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