Appreciating life

I am feeling very appreciative of life at the moment. We had a couple of very abnormal weeks with beloved in hospital (not seriously ill but obviously not so well)and with it being year end the work days were quite long and tiring, so for that time I did work, hospital, sleep etc day after day. So although beloved is still in some pain and rather restricted in what he could do, this week has been much nicer and made me appreciate our ordinary lives a little more.
Yesterday the kids had some friends around and we cooked for everyone on the barbecue outside. It was too cold really but it was quite enjoyable all the same. This evening we visited my sisters house with all the family for a drink and chat.
We are making plans to go to the allotment at the weekend and have a bit of a sort out.
Work is just as hard & long but seems to take up less of my life because my home life is balancing everything again.Which is exactly as it should be. Beloved will still be at home tomorrow and will cook something nice for out evening meal. I will come home from work and we will eat together, along with the boys, and then I will continue with my sorting out (all of the attic clutter is being rehoused bit by bit).

Just lovely!