Time for a blog break

I don't know whether I am not having a good year or whether blogging is focusing my mind on everything bad that happens.

Mine eldest son decided that we would have a barbecue at Easter. He normally works really long hours and we don't see him so he wanted to invited friends and family along for a day together. We had a super day (thank goodness the neighbours we away for Easter, the noise of a dozen teenagers together is horrendous and who invented these singing and guitar games anyway!)

By 11 at night there were still a few kids playing and the a few adults chatting. My youngest son said that our cat, Lulu, was crying at the bottom of the stairs & wouldn't be comforted by cuddles. I picked her up and brought her out to us. Paws as cold as ice and nothing working from the waist backwards. The vet agreed to meet us in 15 minutes. A blood clot had cut of circulation to her back half. The vet would put her on a drip to dissolve the clot and call us in a couple of hours. Middle of the night phone call. Some pulse in the back legs but the heart beaten erratically. Six am call, do you want to come to say good bye. By 7am she was gone. My beautiful little girl there one minute and stealing chicken from everyone at the barbecue, gone the next.

I am devastated. This little girl met me from work every day, always knew what time I would arrive home, even when I didn't. Slept on my pillow, sulked when I came home from holidays. Brought me mice in the early days. Lay beside me when I was flat on the bed with migraines, always purred for me, never judged me and always loved me. I was sad when Monty had to be put down back in January but that was nothing like this. I am completely devastated. My baby is irreplaceable.

I might have a little bloggy break for a while. Every time I come to write it seems to be something awful that has happened. I cant take it. Maybe a break will bring me back to usual.


  1. So sorry, Lizzie - it's always sad to lose a much-loved pet. Do hope your husband is OK now as well, have been checking back to your blog every day for an update - last time you wrote he was in hospital. Assuming no news is good news. Will miss your blog, but you've got to do what's best for you. xx

  2. I am so sorry Lizzie. My Cali cat is also sad that her UK twin is gone. I do hope this year gets better soon and I hope your husband is doing ok.

  3. Hello Lizzie
    Take time and come back when you are feeling things are are on the up
    Will miss you, will think of you and your family lots
    Take care

  4. Lizzie I'm so, so sorry. Take all the time you need x

  5. Sorry, I didnt mean to not update on the old fellas condition, I just got overtaken by events. They said he has had a cardiac event (but didnt tell me what that means - I have the impression something to do with the heart which isnt enough to call a heart attack). After a few days, 5 I think, they gave him a test which involed loads of treadmil exercise! I think if you survive the exercise then they decide it is safe for you to leave. Very hi-tech!
    Hugs to Lulus twin there Daizy.
    Speak again soon.

  6. Hugs.

    My parents have just lost 1 of their Yorkies ~ he was Mum's dog & the remaining youngster much prefers my father, leaving my mother bereft. I offered her "my" pup, but she couldn't bear the thought of separating the little black thing that just wanted to be with me from my side. (Also, she feels that she's too old to take on another pup, in case anything happens to her & Dad.) The love of an animal is just so special & nothing can replace that: so unconditional & non-judgemental

    Hugs again

  7. I am sorry Lizzie and can well understand as a pet mother myself how heartbreaking this is.
    With love

  8. Sorry to hear about your puss, Lizzie. Take a rest & recharge yourself.


  9. I'm so sorry Lizzie, she looks so much like my Rosie (favoured kitty from soo many years ago, but still miss her terribly at times). My heart really goes out to you *H*

    I'll be sorry if you're not "around" - but very understandable.

    Take the break, take care and here's to brighter days ahead :-)

    Oh, and glad the 'old fella' (lol) is ok and home.

  10. Thank you everyone, love you lots.

  11. My thoughts are with you Lizzie. I am so sorry to hear about Lulu. Take care.


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