Sunday, 18 November 2007

Time for change

Like so many others I am beginning to notice that I want to make changes in my life.

Everything is happening too quickly and in such confusion. Its always Monday, always Christmas, always washing day, its always ages until pay day. I moan about people wasting food when I read a newspaper article, and then I throw away something from the back of my fridge which has somehow got overlooked as my week rushed past me.

It is time to slow down. Simplify and de-clutter are the buzz words but I visualise something more like a pruning. My cherry tree benefits from this when we remember to do it, so why shouldn't we too. Pruning can bring clarity and definition as it cut away the old dead wood.

My home needs to be the centre of my world. At the moment I expect a lot from it without giving it time and attention. The house itself is quite a small traditional semi built in 1908. It is packed to the eaves with far too much junk but it is a happy house and always full of visitors.

I work full time and that isn't likely to change for a few years. I need to pay the mortgage but also I am lucky enough to that my job is important and the sort of work I would volunteer for even if I didn't need a salary. This is a good thing but work must also be kept in perspective. It cant be the centre of my universe.

So, we are content with ;-
the family, two lovely & occasionally troublesome teen aged boys and one grumpy old bloke (who is slightly younger than me but dont remind him as he gloats).
the animals - two naughty and adorable cats and a chatty cockatiel.
the job
the car - ancient Astra estate
the house - small but perfectly formed, however the extension is nearly finished.
the extension - home built by us, except for some of the electrics, and mostly from recycled and scrounged building materials.
the garden - still suffering from the building work but it was rather cute before and will be again.
the allotment - the sister and I spend a few happy hours each week in the 'green gym' which is just 10 minutes walk down the lane.

and we are slightly less content with;-
the overcrowded house
the 'lost' things which are often re-purchased because I cant find the originals.
the food which get thrown out because i forgot it needed producing at meal times.
the birthdays & anniversaries which get forgotten and the associated guilt buying.
the 'cant find anything to wear to work' about 4 times every week.
The grumpy old blokes blokes business, which is taking a long time to build up and which is suppose to support me in old age!

I feel a plan of action is required!! Tonight I will sit and knit my winter scarf as I make my plans.

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