To meal plan or not to meal plan...

Still undecided at the moment but erring on the side of the larder method. I am collecting a list from everyone (cats and bird excepted) of top ten dinners, top ten puds and top ten snacks, so that I have some inspiration at cooking time. Just don't think meal planning is for me. If things are too structured then I rebel even when I am setting the rules and I wont follow my own guidelines. This is of course quite silly but as I know how my mind works then I know how to manage it.

Discussions with mum tonight about Christmas presents. We started off with plans that all presents must be hand made but have had to have a re-think because my mum claims she can only make cakes and pickled onions, and she usually gives us these when makes them anyway so it seems a bit off to not give us something else as well. We have now decided on a price limit of £10 per person & with instructions to be creative. I may still go for the home made presents as far as I can but within the new price limit.

The cats are obviously easy to please. I will just give them little embroidered jackets with a mouse pattern on them. Just teasing, boss cat would take my arm off if I tried to put clothes on her. I will give them a little treat of turkey and gravy though if they don't climb the Christmas tree and bat all the baubles around the room. The bird can have a piece of millet as I don't think Turkey would appeal to him (might be a distant relation).

After this posting i will settle down with my list of areas to be tackled.