Monday, 14 January 2008

Diary of a Monday part 2

Other things did happen today.

My car broke down before Christmas but where I was ill I didn't get it fixed. I was sick enough not to care. Last week a very nice man came out to fix a new part. He told me to leave the keys in the garden where he could find them and he would do the work and put an invoice through my door. I could then send him a cheque in the following week. I thought this was really nice. I had never met the man and he was happy to accept my cheque but also to accept me paying him when the mood took me, not up front before work was carried out. What a lovely old fashioned idea. Anyway today I posted the cheque to him. He charged me for parts and 1 hours labour including call out. Plus VAT of course. Very good service.

This evening we did one of our favourite economical entertainments! We went mystery dining. Its great fun. You get to help restaurants improve their product, you also get dinner out for nothing (except a written report and as I love giving my opinion to anyone, whether they want it or not, this is also good)and because you eat out on a regular basis you don't feel inclined to dine out when you are responsible for the bill! On top of that we get to sit and talk to each other for 1.5hours, which is miraculous in itself.

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