Emphasis on Frugal

I have thinking (again!)that although I often mention simplify life I havn't necesarily talked about being more frugal. I am trying to maximise our income (within reason - I am not working any more hours than the too many I already do, also avoiding the illegal and immoral)and reamain as frugal as possible. This is not to accumulate wealth for its own sake or because we want some made spending spreee or gold taps. What we want is to pay off the mortgage as soon as we reasonable can. Then we can decide if we continue to work full time or spend more time at home. We want some security for our old age and dont beleive we can rely on our pensions.

My Frugal Current Account
I have an extra current account into which any extra earnings are depositted. If I want to buy something then this is the money which I use.
I have started using Quidco. I change my power supplier or open a bank account or apply for a credit card and magically get credited £££. When they get to a certain level they deposit £100 into my frugal current account. Nice!
I am currently selling some ebooks on ebay. Actually I am currently not selling some ebooks on ebay but hopefully at least some will sell. They have in the past but ofcourse fashions change.
We also do Mystery Dining. We eat out at a nice restaurant a few times a month and then write a report about it. We then get re-paid the maount we paid for the meal. We dont get paid to do this but I do have the repayment made in my frugal bank account.
I am registered for Mystery Shopping but I havn't yet taken on a shop becuase I am not sure of the tax ramifications & also because any that are advertised disappear in minutes and they are always gone by the time I get to them.
My mileage and expenses are also paid into my frugal account.
I have sold some books on Amazon but I dont have any more books that I feel I can comfortasbly sell now.
I am looking for new ways to brings in a few extra £££s to get us a little closer to our goal.