Quick note & some things to give away

Just popped on to say that work on the conservatory is going pretty well. The flooring is down (and looks superb)and most of the furniture is now in its new place. I will post photos in a day or so. It is a frugal shoppers dream, recycled wood, windows from the old house, furniture from car boot sales, free sofas that friends were throwing out, all sorts of everything from ebay! The list is endless but the only shop I visit on a regular basis is the builders merchant. We are so busy, with re-arranging and also de-cluttering, it is unbeleivable so I havn't been on here much.

I have come across two lovely little sets of notelets, one flower design and one for cat lovers, as I was sorting through my things.. I will not use them as most all of my freinds that I am not close by are on email. Would anyone else like them? They are both nice. I will post photos soon (when I am not so busy, ha ha!)but are these useful to anyone?

Nighty night