Computers, Broken Toes and Christmas Gifts

Just a quick post today as we have spent the evening in A&E. My eldest son has cutting some wood to make a desk for my other son (who was still at school) in the alcove in the kitchen. He has his computer in his room after complaining about being downstairs. After 3 months he has decided that he doesn't like it and wants to come back. We had the same thing entirely with the eldest one. He wanted his computer in his room & after 4 days then he wanted to come back downstairs again. My children are more sociable that they like to admit. The oldest one also has an old TV in his room which he wouldn't let me Freecycle. So far he has never turned it on. I know this is true as he hasn't yet asked why there is no picture! (there is no aerial in this area)
Both kids having computers does sound rather indulgent, I know, but whatever jobs they end up with they will need to be computer literate. Most of their homework is computer based & they always seem to be doing something interesting when I see them on their machines. The eldest also likes to build computer games. I always thinks that's odd as he never liked to play with them its true.
So getting back to the story. Eldest son cut wood to size but trimmed a little bit off in the sitting room. He brought in the vacuum cleaner to clean up the saw dust form the wood floor. As he was doing this he hit the light with the vacuum tube and broken it. As he rushed through the kitchen to get the dustpan and brush he kicked my sewing box with his bare foot (wasn't wearing his usual trainers as they were muddy from walking in the woods).The little toe went on a different side of the sewing basket leg to the other toes. When i saw him the little toe was at right angles to the rest! Eek! So, only a really quick post as I have spent too long out of my home tonight.
Lastly, I notice that is having a £5 sale until 30th April. I think I might pop over to see if I can pick up an affordable Christmas presents for the younger generation.