Thursday, 24 April 2008

Menu Plan

I have decided to plan from now until Christmas. I know it sounds odd but once i had started I didn't want the same meals too close together and I got into a routine. Beloved is not entirely aware of my master plan but I am breaking it too him gently. I am sure that it will seem like natural progression to him after he sees what shopping has arrived each week!

My meal plan is in columns because I find this is how I think. I can also choose periods of time rather than always looking at a Monday to Sunday chunk. The old style lanner went across the page for a week and then down and across again. Today I didn't have anything on the plan ( Haven't done Thursdays yet)which I thought gave us the opportunity for leftovers. Beloved had the last of the chicken stre and burghal. He would rather starve than eat food that has been cooked before it has been frozen & I kind of agree, except for leftovers! Baby has a Thai Noodle dish (successfully frozen in my new imitation klick and klick lunch boxes). Oldest son has (having not yet come home for dinner) Malaysian Chicken Curry and a jacket potato. I had cheese on toast with baked beans. We didn't eat all together at the table as Thursday is a funny evening for us, lots of comings and goings,so really it is a good evening for leftovers. I don't think the kids even realise it is leftovers night.

We are invited out to dinner on Saturday but I will be updated by sooper dooper calendar/meal planer so that I don't forget this and prepare food that we don't need.

We have a busy weekend ahead (again) with visitors that we don't often see. I am also hoping to spend some time on the garden and to find my bread machine. My sister has started using hers again because of the increase in bread prices. I will be using mine to make dough which I then shape and cook in the oven as we arent keen on the brick of bread that you get with the machine. We also want to use it for making pizza bases. Garlic and oregano pizza bases sound amazing to me.

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