Thursday, 15 May 2008

For craft lovers

I like things which are a little bit different. I like second hand furniture because I like the look and thought of something with its own history and of course because I don't like to spend too much money. A lot of my furniture is new but it is heavy wood which will last my lifetime. I don't like something which has a short shelf live, like plastic containers that break against metal or glass which never deteriorate. I will pay the extra for long lasting items. I also like things which have been handmade by me, or someone else.

When I was younger I loved to knitted, do tapestry, make patchwork, embroider and all sorts of things.Unfortunately I have problems with my joints in my hands for the last few years which means a single row of knitting causes me to ache all night. I am trying different things and smaller projects to see whether they improve with use or whether this makes them worse. I still have lots of my finished work around the house and I think it adds to the character of the place.

I recently needed so new items, a bedspread, some cushion covers and a tea cozy and I found that eBay was an excellent place to find hand crafted items at affordable prices because there is no middle man and also because I am happy to have second hand goodies.
I have actually bought loads of tapestry cushion covers and a couple of picture (okay, i admit not to needing them but they are lovely), quilts for everyone for the Crete house and an excellent tea cozy. I just wanted to post in praise of the wonderful crafters of ebay!

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