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Beloved is getting nervous about his proposal to find a part time job when he comes back from holiday. He came home from his class this morning with news that he has been offered 4 hours coaching each week. I think he is looking around for extra lessons with swim schools, as well as running his own, rather than work outside of his usual environment. He likes to have a job where he can be really good at what he does rather than mediocre. So maybe I don't get my 10% from B&Q but I have a happy husband.

My eldest son is also looking for work. He didn't get on at all well at college and drove the lecturers nuts. I think I encouraged him to go to the wrong college. The one he attended seemed even more controlling than school and didn't want the kids to grow up. Anyway now he must look to find his way in the world and find something to do whilst he seeks something he wants to do. It will be useful that he is working and contributing to the budget of the household instead of draining my resources. I cant imagine it but I guess it will come.

I have also been on Laura at 'Move to Portugal's' new website. She is amazingly organised and has decided to re-launch he own business sorting out the rest of us. Check it out on Organised Clutter. Maybe she could help you in your work or home life?

Okay, now I have to work instead of talking about it. Supper needs to be on the table in an hour and the chicken is still raw. Tonight we are having Pad Thai for a nice change. Hope everyone enjoys it.


  1. Hello Lizzie

    The perks would have been good but (personally) I think having a happy non stressed DH content with what he is able to do well would be far better than one trying to do his best at something 'foreign' to him.

    Take care

  2. Wow thanks for the link Lizzie!

  3. Hi Cathy
    You are right, it is.

    Hi Laura
    Good luck to you



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