Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Just chillin'

I haven't done anything frugal, simple, old style or anything else today.
I went to work, bought cakes for every for my birthday - should have made them but just didn't seem to have the time. Stayed at work until 6pm and then went out to dine with my colleagues. Once a year we dine together on the proceeds of our lottery wins! Some years we wine enough for a meal and dessert, sometimes just a few chops. This year we went for Mandarin Buffet. The food was good but it was also nice to have a chance to talk with everyone. We work together all the time but sometimes we just work too hard and get too caught up in our work to remember we are pretty friendly as well as being colleagues. So there was a lot of talking and a lot of food.

The dishes which were my favourite I could actually have cooked quite easily myself. The dishes were too numerous to mention individually. We ordered something each for starters and main course (15 people) and then shared what came. My main course was king prawn with ginger. Scrummy.

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