Adventures in my linen closet

My youngest son was returning from his water activity course today, so I had an intention to pick him up form the station where the coach would drop him at 3pm and then get on with some of the weekend chores. I thought I would be ultra efficient by starting the bedding wash before work this morning, knowing that I will need a head start to get though all of the muddy camp clothes which he brings back, by the end of the weekend.

So I stripped the bed linen before my shower this morning, then got dressed and went of to mum and dads house for coffee and toast (our Friday morning ritual), watched a bit of the Olympics and made myself late for work. Forgot all about setting the washing going. I left work at ten to three to pick him up. Got to the station and there was another half dozen mothers milling around. One managed to get a child on the phone and was told there haven't boarded the bus yet, they are still in Swindon. Back to my friend, who was also collecting her son but lives in the opposite direction to me, house for coffee and a chat. Two and half hours later my son rang to be collected. He didn't seem to mind having been on the road from 9.30am to 5.30pm but it sounded pretty dull to me. Anyway the course was wonderful and he is exhausted (although the food was rubbish and not enough of it! _ I sympathise with anyone trying to fill up a large group of 16 year old boys, its not possible).

So we come home,popping into see grandparents on the way. We worry about food and chatting, and even GCSE results (not bad actually for a kid who never does any work - 9 passes including 2 'A's). SO by 9.30 it is time to go up to bed. I want to watch something on i-player tonight (brill free video service from the BBC). Of course when I get to my bedroom I don't have any bedding, and I haven't washed the stuff I stripped off this morning. To the linen closet.

I don't really like the linen closet. It is too high up and a funny shape plus you have to stand on a chair behind the bathroom door to get to it, risking life and limb. I was depressingly calling out to me to be sorted out so I pulled everything out for a sort out. To say that I will never need to buy another pillow case is not an exaggeration. I sorted the contents into piles of pillow cases, bottom sheets, quilt covers, old children's bedding no longer required ( I am hoping my friend Sue in Crete will want these). I also found four large microfibre towels, which will cut up nicely into 4 clothes each. I also found a pair of black knickers (my own, judging by the size). Oh dear, how do I let this happen.

So tomorrow there will be more sorting before any article is returned to its home. Hopefully Sue will let me know if she wants the kids linen. If she does then I can shrink wrap it to go in the case next time we visit, if not then to Freecycle as it is too good to cut up. There are three lots of bedding for our bed, two are old and dyed & one is silky and strange. I am testing the silky one this week. If i like it then it stays but if, as i suspect, it keep sliding off then maybe it is recycled into something, cant think what. The bottom sheet and pillowcases will divided up to use both here and in the Crete house.

I quite enjoyed a trip through the linen closet considering it was well past my bed time before I evened opened the cupboard door. I must have been having a smarter moment at some point though (or someone else put something away - highly unlikely) as I folded all of the silky bedlinen and pack them into one of the pillow cases! Impressed? Me too!