Preparing for winter

Normally I find it hard to plan for winter in the middle of summer but the temperature this week is around 16 degrees & its wet and dark. This week I can really imagine it is winter without trying too hard.

Winter plans have to include Christmas in our house

My initial plans so far:

1)Christmas cooking course at the local school part way through November. I can could just fine but sometimes I like some new ideas.

2)Christmas gifts for family and friends. All presents must be homemade and/or weird and/or special and under £10. Time to start serious planning now if there are to be home made gifts.

3)Sort out the conservatory so that outdoor plants can be brought in and protected if required.

4)Shed to be tidied (a bit) so that garden furniture can be stored away.

5)Books, needlework projects and other interests for long winter evenings. I have borrowed the Cretan Runner from a friend at work and bought Nigella's Learn to Eat from ebay, so far.

6)Meal plans for winter. Affordable, nutritious and not too labour intensive.

7)Short course of cookery lessons once a week for the 1/2 term following Christmas. At the moment is it between Bistro(with a 10 mile round trip) or Beginners Indian (with a 1 mile round trip.) So far it is looking like Indian.

8)Prep the cars for winter - anti freeze in the radiator and pre-icer in the water for the screen wash.

9)Bleed the radiators int he house ( not that they get put on very often as I am too mean but I like to know they work.)

10) Thinking about Christmas meal plans.

10 points is enough, or else I don't do what I plan. Yeah, I love winter!


  1. cool also love all your recycling blurb good for you! I'm an old hippie (age 62)long time recycler and inot 'green.' True not all green is good for the earth. Wrhe is your profile???

  2. Hi Jenna
    Thats me too, an old hippy! Age 47 My profile is on the front page on the left. My main hates are waste and intolerance. Otherwise I am happy hampster!

  3. You've reminded me that I should be getting started if i am going to make anything for my parents for Christmas. They are sooo hard to buy for and a week before they'll say 'oh just make me something'. Too late!

  4. nooooooo, my sun tanned skin is not ready yet..:)

  5. Hi Laura
    I am just trying to take my mind of the fact that August weather just sucks this year! I might as well embrace winter, it is probably sunnier than we are getting now!


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