Tuesday, 30 December 2008

I'm the 39,123,480th richest person on the planet

Reading through Sharon's post yesterday, Lucky Me Lucky You, reminded me about the rich list calculator that I found on the Internet once before. If you are feeling sorry for yourself try inputting your annual income into the global rich list calculator and seeing if you as hard up as you think. I'd be surprised if you actually are.


  1. I'm way behind you at about the 666,000,000th richest person but still I'm in the top 11% overall. We're very, very lucky to have been born in a country where few live in total poverty. There for the grace of God... as they say.

  2. I am #190,434,783. I wonder what my number would be if savings were factored in. When I retire I will have a much lower income but my standard of living will not change much. Regardless, I am very lucky indeed.

  3. Its a funny way to judge rich as well, by how much you make in a year rather than how much you have. The main point of course is tha we realise how lucky we are. One of my new year 'things' should be to give more back.


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