Benefits of the credit crunch

By which I mean the economic state that we are tending to call the credit crunch, rather than actual crunching credit.

Well there are a few for those of us who like to look after their loose change.

This is we went out for a meal with 8 members of the family. Dinner was a carvery (including unlimited trips to the veg area!)followed by ice cream sundae for an astonishing £4.75 per person, as we took our seat before 6.30pm. Download the voucher here.

We are watching a DVD this evening, a 2005 Patrick Swayze film which was given away free in the Daily Mail -while I still couldnt bring myself to buy as it only useful for wrapping fish and chips. Lucky for me my mum buys it because she likes the crossword!

British gas price cuts for electricity and gas were announced yesterday. Petrol is now down to £0.829 per litre. Back in the summer we were paying £1.30 per litre.

JP Chenet wine is usually £5.19 locally but £2.99 this week from Netto. Also from Netto pine coffee tables for £29.99 ( I have only seen the ad, not the actual tbale - they could still be awful).

The biggest benefit though is to see people valuing things a little more, making more effort to re-use & avoid waste. It seems that it isnt embaressing for the mainstream populatin to be a little frugal anymore. Will we just go back to being our usual selfish, greedy selves when the economy picks up agin. I dont think we will (some will). I think we lost our way and now we are finding it again.

Ou, ou, ou. I forgot. Amazon randomly sent me a £20 voucher this week to be used the same day. I ordered three books, thinking it was a scam to be honest, but they arrived today. Reading about walking in Crete and making cheese this weekend, all for free!


  1. Good day then!!

    Never knew Amazon sent anything like that out.

  2. Me neither! I thought it was a con. I wondered if it was to get me on the site again as i used to spend quite a bit.


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