Deep breath, start over

Thank you everyone for your thoughts. It really does bring some comfort.

My husband had a heart attack when he was 37. It really made us focus on what is important to us. Eight years have passed & I thinks its possible we took our eyes of the ball a bit lately. Obviously the loss of my brother in law has made me think again. We need to ensure that we have some balance in our lives. That everything is not just for the future and never for the now. When my husband comes home from visiting his family we really need to spend some time talking our lives.

I was reading Down to Earth this week. Rhonda was writing about ensuring that there are certain things in her routine. Cup of tea, knitting and chats with his husband. Simple things but so simple they are easy to over look I suspect. I think we need to find ourselves again.


  1. I think everybody needs to take a step back and reassess their lives now and then, Lizzie. Priorities change and sometimes not always for the better, especially when we're not conscious of those changes. I think what you said about forgetting to take the time to just talk is important and I guess we all forget that at times.

  2. Hello Lizzie
    Have just caught up with your family news, sorry to hear about your bro-in-law.
    Its true sometimes we need to think about now and let the future look after itself.
    Can be a bit hard at times but as Sharon said 'priorites change' - the overseas house is a possibility but living in the house you have now is reality.
    Take care and look after yourself and the rest of the family

  3. Hi Sharon
    I am thinking about diarising 'remember to talk' as that one is way too easy to forget.

    Hi cathy.
    Thank you. I was a shock. I am not entirEly giving up on future planning but I am going to be more aware than before that today is what matter.



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