I am useful!

Really I am. I can do tax returns, budgets, pay bills, cook, all sorts. It is nice having the old man back though. He has a whole different range of talents. The minute he is away from the house everything starts breaking. The shower delivered virtually no water and what little there was was boiling, the vacuum cleaner just didn't suck, the light bulbs in the bathroom all blew (there are not ordinary bulbs to change them myself), my car tyres needed pumping up and his car engine management light came on. I am always pleased to see him anyway but I was really glad when the shower was the first thing fixed. The engine management light just went out on its own becuase he was home!
I was kidding myself I was an independent woman who can cope on her own but apparently this is only true if I have an electrician and plumber, perhaps a car mechanic on call.


  1. I totally agree. I am very handy especially when I can pay someone to fix stuff for me! Sometimes the right person with the right tool is cheaper than me messing things up and injuring myself.

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  3. That is too funny Lizzie! (I mean all the things that happened, not the virtually no water thing)

    There was never a doubt in my mind that you are very capable but we cannot do it all! The two of you complement each other really well!

  4. I wouldnt mind knowing why it all falls to bits the moment he leaves the country though!!!


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