Showing the strain

We have had a bit of a stressy time lately what my brother in law dying suddenly, the almost house fire and day of CO headaches, my maybe malignant and finally benign lump. Yesterday my husband came home form work mid afternoon. We spent some time sitting out in the sunshine, had a little lunch out there and just relaxed. I thought he was quiet but assumed he was just tired. Except that he looked pale and a little shaky. He admitted to chest pains but hadn't wanted to tell me as I would make him go to hospital. I phone the NHS helpline for advice and within a few minutes a first responder arrived, then a guy in an ambulance car, within 10 minutes a full ambulance crew/paramedics were also trying to fit into the house. They took him away to the local hospital for tests, and there he still is. I can visit at 3pm. They cant seem to get rid of the pain in his chest.

It has all been a bit much lately , in fact my eldest son was almost in tears asking 'what will it be next...' and I am tempted to say that it surely cant still be our turn.


  1. Hello Lizziie
    Thinking good thoughts for you and the family
    Didn't you say he was a tough ol' lol
    Take care

  2. It's a rough season you are all going through, that's for sure!
    Praying everything works out well for your hubby and this season ends.

  3. Oh Lizzie!!! Hope your lifew changes for the better soon!

    Hereford uk

  4. I hope he's ok Lizzie x

  5. Thank you everyone. I will tryto stop moaning, honestly!


  6. That is awful and scary. I hope he is fine and comes home soon.

  7. First off, it's not moaning!

    I hope you get answers soon and hubby feels better. I can't imagine how stressful these past few months have been . . .

  8. Fingers crossed he's feeling better, Lizzie, thinking of you and your family and sending positive thoughts xxxxxx

  9. I hope they can sort him out asap


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