Wednesday, 13 May 2009

The art of compromise

I have the chance for 4 weeks holiday all together in the summer this year. We planned to drive over to Crete with all of our stuff. However times have been a bit hard lately. My husband missed a bit of work with his two heart scares and then we had to pay for my brother in laws funeral etc. I checked out the price of ferries. We have to drive 2000km and also 3 boat trips. Even on LPG that cant be good for the environment and definitely not good for my pocket. Now the car is complaining too. It needs a new radiator & exhaust. However it is a special edition and converted to LPG so not so easy to get parts. It also needs all new tyres. It is eating money for snacks.

So we looked at flights. We could go in August but when I checked Easyjet flights were £400 or more. Checking other airlines i found flights for upwards of £600!!
This is way more than I want to pay. SO i went back to driving again. If we avoid the longest ferry trip then we drive another 1000km but save 25 hours. But still the car needs lots of TLC first.

A third option - we spend a couple of weeks here at home finishing the garden landscaping. Late in August we travel out to the other house for 2.5 weeks and get back at the end of the first week of September. Total flight price £551, for all of us. We wont really notice the difference in time we spend in Crete but the garden will benefit from the attention & we will not waste money we can ill afford to spend.

Making up my mind to not drive was the hardest bit. I really wanted to. But now I have i feel much relieved. Funny how brains work!


  1. A 4 week holiday...I can only dream about that. Sounds like a good plan to work on the garden and house for the first half. That will benefit you all year round.

  2. I know. madness! Two weeks is plenty. The wood of the raised beds is collapsing so we dont really have so much time to avoid doing the work.

  3. Funny how things often have a way of working out for the best! :-)

    Not always what we want in the beginning but what we should have wanted all along, lol.


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