Lost diary = chaos reigns

I have become addicted to my diary. I note everything I need to do & manage my time a lot better than previously. I cant think where I have put the book! Disaster. I have written lists but its not the same. I need my diary, everything is going to the dogs!

In an unconnected topic we have spent the week seeking out parts for the car. Quote from the main dealer for the repairs is over £1200!! More than my first car in total. So we order parts from the cheapest supplier, still expensive as we have a limited addition car (limited edition = made from leftovers, judging from the difficulties in sourcing replacement bits). But we are happy with the 10 year old car overall and since it had a new engine just last year it should carry on and on and on. So we repair and life goes on.

My husband had an operation on his eye this week. He is in pain and very bad tempered. I am glad when he starts to feel better each day. He is not a man that copes well with adversity.

My last bit of news to bring more worry and confusion into our life. We run a swim school. We hire pools from schools, sports facilities etc and then arrange classes with my husband teaching or another teacher. Its very enjoyable and my husband is an excellent teacher. Last week we had problems with one of our swimming pools. The person who hires the pool to us agreed a rate in September. Last week he decided to double the rate (and blame someone else for the increase, interestingly). He wanted us to charge our customers more, which made his prices look less frightful. We had to agree to differ and decided it was best to finish there. We managed to accommodate most of our pupils elsewhere but lost two that couldn't come to the venues. This morning we had a letter from another pool. The main one that we use. It started off saying how expensive it was to run the pool, etc etc. I could see that another increase was being proposed but that didn't seem unreasonable. We have rented this pool for over two years and it has never increased. Worse, they cant afford to run the pool and it may have to be closed. There is a working party assessing its future. I am wonder if we can run a swim school from a smallish bath tub, it seems to be all we have left.....


  1. Oh lor Lizzie
    Lifes a bit of a bummer at the moment, isn't it. I really hope things buck up for you soon.

    Can't help with any of your problems 'cept say 'chin up and it'll all come out in the wash'

    Unless its been written with indelible ink lol
    Take care

  2. Its true,I am half afraid of blogging as I always seem to be moaning about something. However when a door closes another one opens so at least there is soemthing to look forward to!

  3. I hope that other door opens soon!


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