Is it nearly Thursday yet?

Easter weekend up coming. There is so much to do at work at the moment that I just rush from one weekend to the next and don't even know what day it is for most of the week.
So exciting Easter plans for us include two mystery dines, Friday & Monday, and one mystery shop. A replay of Christmas day on Easter Sunday, complete with Christmas lunch. My dad was ill at Christmas and pretty much slept through everything so we thought, why not do it all again. We also plan to build a shelve unit in the sitting room alcove and a new door frame between sitting room and kitchen.

The only fly in our ointment is that Fahed has been prescribed temazepam for his sleep problems. As far as I can see the main contraindication is that he can't open his eyes at all. Hopefully this will pass. Lucky he works in water to I guess as that should help keep him awake at work.

Sorting and de-cluttering is coming along in the house. Ahdel and friend Tom carried my filing cabinet upstairs to my new office, but decided that emptying the drawers was for girls. I don't now how but somehow they made it. Ahdel room on the ground floor is now a music room and recording studio with bed and cupboard. It suits him though, so thats good.

Now its time to veg out for the evening because its all new 2 1/2men tonight!


  1. I wish it was Thursday too. Only 3 more days of work this week. I envy your moving helpers. Send them over! I have some heavy stuff to lift. :)

  2. Never short of teenagers around here, I'll mail you a couple!

  3. It sounds like you have quite a busy - but fun - Easter ahead of you!

    Enjoy your break from work over Easter :o)

  4. Well I do like to be busy but hopefully its all good. Happy Easter.


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