Saturday, 13 March 2010

Weekend again already

The weeks are passing in a blur. If thats mean I am happy then thats fine but if, as i suspect,it just means I am too busy then its not so good.

I had a two day meeting to attend in Shropshire. I was surprised by how little traffic was on the roads as I drove up and around Birmingham. Either traffic management or use of public transport has come into its on or the credit crunch is crunching very badly in our industrial heartlands. The hotel was just a few miles away from the meeting venue in the Ironbridge Gorge.
The meeting was all useful stuff but getting to stay in Ironbridge was even better. I have always wanted to visit. I had imagined in in the wilds more than it is but still it has the feel of entering a hidden place.
Unusually it was charming and not Disneyfied and overdone. There wasn't an building in the village, or if there was then they hid is very well. Our hotel was reasonably priced and no luxurious but just nice. They had converted old out buildings to rooms and the alleys and court yards were glazed in for a very outside in kind of flavour. And if I wasnt feeling sufficiently in favour of the whole palce we also had a lovely meal in the Hotel Restaurant.

Yesterday was back to reality with a day of fixing things around the house, first the electric car window, then my desk, other bits and bobs and some preparation for some sewing today.

So now it is 10am. I have washed 2/3rd of my laundry, cleaned the kitchen except for the floor, done my shopping and even been to the Asian supermarket on town to stock up on chillies & olives. Time to finish the laundry and start on the cleaning. Tomorrow is mothers day so I am hop for some mummy time!ing

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