Saturday, 14 August 2010

New New Year

We have got a little bit lazy in our habits lately. Meals a bit make do and not so well planned, forever running out of clean socks because the washing is clean but not sorted and out away, Ahdel room is still a mess as we needs to mend the bed drawers before he can use them and they are his main storage. Garden is still full of tripe from the shed refurbishment (not actual rubbish but stuff for freecycle etc). We we are going to do as much as we can this week and then draw a line under our bad habits. When we come back from hols we are going to treat it like New Year, complete with a few resolutions

Financial - doesn't need changing really, I keep it all pretty tight since I noticed my shortfalls a few weeks back. I will re-visited budget and make sure I am not paying more than I could for anything (except mortgage which I am overpaying on purpose)

Food shopping - shopping once a week, not sneaking to the shop after work for just some xxxx, which adds £20 to my spend on every visit. I have drawn myself up what could be loosely described as a meal planner/ shopping list. I will use this, no really I will.

Cleaning etc - drawn myself up a plan of the week and allotted daily quick tasks. I am sure my slovenlyness is accidental not laziness but we will see if this helps me to focus

Household management - also on my meal planner/shopping list/housework planner I have included a section for everything else i forget, like posting ebay articles,paying one off bills, buying new taps (should have been searching ebay but forgot).

I apparently need a bit more structure in my life than I think I do.

Last weekend we pickled two lots of chillies. I took step by step photos but I need a child to be home to work out how to get them from phone to blog. It was good fun (even though I wont eat them)and they light up my dull kitchen worktop like little Chistmas decorations.


  1. Oh my, you wrote New Year and Christmas in that post. I feel like I skipped a few months ahead!

  2. Sorry, having a little time warp moment there!


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