Trouble sleeping

I am having awful trouble sleeping at the moment. I just seem to sleep for couple of hours a night, or maybe I just dream I am still awake, either way I am exhausted. Any ideas gratefully received. At the moment my plan is too spend the weekend on slightly more physical activities that normal and see if I can tire myself right out. I am not taking up boxing or wrestling but just doing household tasks and maybe some garden work to tire myself and also prepare us for winter. I am bulk buying when prices are right as my current shopping tactic so have to sort out storage space.

My weekend list includes
Cleaning the house
(and now some fun stuff)
Pickling vegetables ( i will make sure to take the photos with a camera that I have a lead for this time)
Making yoghurt.
Boxing up old kids games for the attic.
Sorting out a couple of cupboards.
Potting up my peach tree.
Possible trip to the dump on Sunday.
Soap making ( I have all the stuff but am i brave enough to try)

Hopefully this will tire me out nicely!
Just going to have a little blog hop and then snuggle down for the night.


  1. Hi Lizzie! was just talking about soap making for gifts. Almost makes me want to try it...almost.

  2. You have enough to do right now I think. I don't have to take my own rubbish to the dump, collect water etc. so I have a bit of an easier life. I will check it out. I had Fahed on board right up until I said we had to wear masks etc because it will burn holes in clothing, and skin.


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