Monday, 22 November 2010

Speaking to the universe

I am taking Moyra's advice. and addressing the universe direct. I normally assume I am in control but what if I let the universe take over. What will come our way.

I have a lovely life, lovely family, enjoyable job, I like where I live (but it will be nicer when its finished, as always), I have my other house and some other investments, even my pension is good. What do I have to complain about? Nothing, and anyway I am not. People who complain when they have nothing to complain about are one of the few things that really irritate me.

I would quite like a bit of excitement or adventure. The hiking through Peru type of adventure not the torrid affair with George Clooney type. I could apply myself to achieving something if I knew what I wanted. But I have no idea, so universe, do what you will.


  1. ooh how exciting! love the hiking in Peru sort of adventure...actually speaking of which, well, not exactly speaking of hiking in Peru, but I am recruiting for another discussion group, and funnily enough this one is all about what you dream of doing and what adventures you would like.... I will email you.... it will be in January...

  2. aha, so this talking to the universe thing does work. Maybe this is the first step

  3. I have nothing to complain about either however if we're speaking to the Universe I would like....a US west coast road trip and a torrid affair with Hugh Laurie!!

    Laura....naughty as ever ;-)


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