Spend, spend, spend

Fahed has only been to work for two three hour sessions, plus his voluntary work, whilst I have had been off these last three days. We had great fun. Trips to the shops have been made. Lucky he doesnt have too many weekends at home or we would be broke.

It will be a while before we run out of food for sure but there were bargains too good to miss, half price tuna, loafs of bread for 10p and other goodies. I bought a slightly lighter quilt as our winter quilt is wonderful when it is zero but like being suffocated by a giant marshmallows when the temperature goes up to ten degrees.

I also bought a mattress topper to make the old mattress last a little longer. We found a bargain supply of shelving for the larder so we bought enough for the whole job. The board which we are currently using can be used to insulate the little laundry area now.

Fahed also bought me a set of acrylic paints for me to play about with. Bless his little cotton socks.

Other good news. I thought I was going to be showing you photos of my goodies because I finally found my camera. i was sure it was in Fahed's car so I waited patiently until it came back from the garage after three weeks. It wasn't there. In all the confusion and swapping around of cars it was in my car the whole time, just buried under the car cushions. I am really glad actually as Fahed bought it for me once for my birthday and I am more attached to it than I normally get with 'stuff'. Anyway batteries are flat but now in the recharger so almost ready for action.

To prove it wasn't all play and no work I have made vegetable soup for next weeks lunches and Greek yogurt and pineapple chunks for next weeks breakfasts. Yesterday we made a ton of sausages and some burgers for the freezer and there is a joint of roast to be served with salad and jacket potatoes.

All is well for the week ahead on this Sunday night, so back to the knitting and brilliant TV (Deadliest Catch).