Another week has flashed past

Between the car repairs and visit from in laws we have spent an unplanned £1000 this month. Fortunately the cupboards are not bare, in fact the house is stacked with food. The cars are fueled up sufficient to get us to work for the next 10 days or so. It's nice to have a bit in reserve for when things don't go to plan.

Last weekend we found melamine boarding for sale at £4 a board (compared with £25 per board at the local DIY). My son is cutting them for me over the weekend to make shelves for my larder/pantry. He is replacing the fibre board shelves, which were a stop gap anyway and have a new use waiting for them, but also making at least two additional shelves. I really love the new larder. I never end up buying something I have because I cant find it. I will try to use this as my template for the rest of my storage.

Fahed was going to do the shelves last weekend but he has somehow pulled a muscle in his shoulder, so he is out of action this week.

As well as larder sort out I will box up some books for the Salvation Army. I have a bag of clothes and a box of china for them as well. If I write it here I am more likely to get it done!

If I finish all of my housework then I get to play with my paint set!!!