First BBQ of the season

Had a lovely day. We decided to cook our dinner outside and before you know it then it turns into a full size barbie, with more participants than we actually have chairs. We kept it really simple with boneless chicken thigh (from my wholesaler trip), pork rashers cut into thirds, Asda extra special sausages and a couple of half shoulders of lamb. I made potato salad & Syrian salad. I have to recommend Syrian salad. It is the best. Lots of parsley finely chopped, finely chopped salad veg, six large tomatoes, a cucumber, two onions, 4 chillies, all dressed with olive oil(from my friends groves), a little cumin and juice of two lemons. I have enough to take a little box for lunch tomorrow too. Whoop. I toasted pita bread and opened some wine and a few beers. For giggles we also dug some of my homemade fruit vodkas out of the cupboard. They were very popular.

The kids were really entertaining |& hopefully we were not too noisy for the neighbours. Sunny summery days are so fleeting in the country you have to take you outside fun when you can it.

Back to work, and probably more tomorrow. Great!