Can't help smiling

I think it i this lovely sunny weather we are having but I seem to be all smiley and happy all the time. To make it even better Fahed noticed the birds singing when we woke up this morning. In all the years of his darkest depression I don't think he knew there were or birds or that they sang to us. Glorious.

My Saturday morning should have involved some indulgent blog reading with coffee but either somewhere something is wrong. Yesterday virtually no posts and today all the posts from Thursday are showing again. Could be the universe telling me to get my lazy arse out of bed I guess.

I have a lovely day planned so I am happy to get up and about anyway. This morning is just ordinary housework and laundry. It i my intention the sort out the second half of the conservatory too. Should not be such a big deal as the first half but the effect for me will be great. I haven't enjoyed at all having all of the tools etc boxed up everywhere.

When Fahed comes home from work this afternoon we are having a bonfire to clear the garden and a bit of a potter around and sort out. When the bonfire eases down we can cook on the embers.

This week we booked the last few flights for our holiday. Both kids are coming with us. They both had a year when they didn't come, I guess to prove to themselves how grown up they are. But I am pleased to say they both really missed it when they didn't come with us and now it has turned into an important event for them and not just something that happens. We are also having a few friends along and my parents. All together a good house full. We have all sorts of plans with scuba diving, fishing, visit archeological site 9well maybe not me with that one)and even a water park. I am ready to go now.

Another reason to smile. My youngest son yesterday got an interview for the Deck Officer Cadet position that he wants when he leaves college this summer. I guess they interview a lot of people but nonetheless it is the best thing he has had so far, in amongst all the non answers and refusals.

Time to go hang the washing out. I so love line drying.


  1. Blogger is certianly having a little fun eating blog posts and comments lately. What does a Deck Officer Cadet do?

  2. It is like a 3 year apprenticeship to qualify you as crew in the merchant navy. You get paid to go to university too! You are overseas for such a lot of the year that he tells me that he wont pay tax but that seems to good to be true.

  3. and this post made me smile!! xxx


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