Last day at home

Headlines today say Osama Bin Laden has been killed. Does this make the world a safer place? or at least back to pre 'war on terror'levels or is the djinn, of global terrorism, out of the bottle and that's it, we just get used to being constantly in danger. I was in M&S in Paris once when Hezbollah bombed it.I was 23. Within a year I was not in a hotel in Singapore, having been moved to different one last minute, when it was either bombed or collapsed depending on who you believed. I remember the Hyde Park bombings when I was twenty. Pretty sure it was a Thursday. It was the first time I remember terrorism so close to home. I guess I am saying terrorism has always been part of life. I don't think killing Bin Laden will help but all the same he sure had it coming.

Last day at home today. The whole crew are of at some Traithalon event so it is creepily quiet. Plus the get fed so I don't have to cook. Instead I have alist of to-dos.

Finish and line dry all laundry.
Bonfire if no-one has washing out or it rains.
Take tools etc to shed from conservatory.
Hoover and make good conservatory (things relating to kitchen refurb can stay only).
Rubbish to the dump
Basket of bric a brac to the lady who advertised on Freecycle for bits to sell to raise money for Blue Cross Animal Rescue.
Move indoor plants outdoors for summer
Rearrange furniture
Collapse in a big exhausted heap on the sofa.


  1. What kind of animals does Blus Cross Animal Rescue rescue?

  2. I think nothing will change with Osama`s dead. In my opinion the terrorists will regenge for that. I don`t know what can we do against them, and to finish with these terrorists.


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