Made it

Made it to the weekend. A four day week was two days too long. Not sure I can wait another 11 years for retirement after all. I really enjoyed have two 4 day weekends.

So at last we made it to Friday. I wanted to get off home quite early but my friend at work had a few problems with the VAT return so we actually left work at 6.55pm. I parked in a spot that had three hours free parking this afternoon & then forgot so I was actually very pleased to be home late instead of home late and with a £60 parking fine.

Tomorrow we have plans for a big family BBQ. My men spent the early evening preparing our favourites, Syrian Salad, Baba Ganoush, lamb kebabs and lamb kofta. The kitchen smells amazing. The threat of us having a good time in the garden has been enough to bring on seriously heavy rain so after 3 weeks of sunshine i think we actually cook under an umbrella tomorrow.

Around the barbecue are other plans are to finalise holiday plans with my parents. All together 9 of us go on holiday but only Fahed and I are there for the whole time. It will be lovely. its hard to wait the next three months but I don't want to wish my life away.

Tomorrow our plans, except for grilling meat in a thunder storm, involve more shed and conservatory sorting out. So far the transition is amazing. I have freecycled more than I ever expected to own, but finally we progress. I don't even want to think about how much is still in the attic but one day at a time. I am enjoying the progress but most of all I enjoy that Fahed feels well enough to do it.

So, onwards to our lovely soggy weekend.


  1. Health and time are so important. They are two things that ruin all the plans when they are gone. I spend too much time wishing my life away. I try not to but you know how it is.

  2. I really do. Must be difficult for you when you are so close to a goal too.


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